Rebecca Faulding

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Rebecca Faulding


Born in 1979, Rebecca Faulding was raised in the rural county of Lincolnshire, England leaving her home village to study at Edinburgh College of Art in 1998. Since graduating in 2001 from a BA in drawing and painting with sell-out degree show, she has enjoyed success in exhibiting extensively across the UK but mainly in Scotland. After studying she remained in the historic city of Edinburgh where she worked as a freelance artist in the Leith area of the city in Coburg House studios for several years. She then went on to study at postgraduate level at Edinburgh University to be an art teacher. Rebecca is now settled in Yorkshire where she lives with her husband and two young sons. Rebecca’s style remains, loose, delicate and fresh with demand for her work taking her all over the country.


1998-2001 Edinburgh College of Art- BA (Hons) Drawing and Painting

1997-1998 Riley Centre, Hull College, East Yorkshire- BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design


Edinburgh College of Art, Andrew Grant Canvas and Stretcher Award 2001


Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art July 2010

Professional Experience

"My subject matter is the female form; the ethereal beauty of flesh and the fluidity of draped fabric combine to really captivate me and has fueled my desire to paint. Composition is a puzzle I enjoy exploring through my paintings.

The balance of tone and colour as well as the way that lights plays against the body combine to create something quite beautiful and captivating to me. There is a definite dense of ambiguity which I deliberately create by choosing to focus on the body rather than the face. I leave my backgrounds empty, allowing the negative space to focus the viewer on the subject.

I have always worked in my unique style on sized linen or flax canvas which I prepare in a way to expose the natural beauty of the material. I build up the paint in fine layers as I like to really emphasise the sense of light in my paintings. My work is generally light in tone and low in contrast as I hope to create a sense of luminosity throughout the piece.

I have studied the work of artists such as Euan Uglow whose balance in composition and use of colours is an aesthetic I aim to mirror. Alison Watt and her use of drapery, the simplicity of the composition, the sense of weight and calm within white drapery is inspiring. I enjoy the fluidity in Alfonse Mucha’s designs with a sense of weightlessness to the figures which I find very beautiful.

Art Deco has been a recent influence I have been exploring repeat pattern in my work with a reference to Gustav Klimt. As well as more contemporary artists, always look back to classical and renaissance art and have recently studied at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art, studying classical drawing and limited palette figure painting. 

I am constantly developing my skills and hope that my style continues to evolve and develop as a result.”