Flowers and Still Life Paintings

Available flower and still life paintings. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Space Suits and Red Rocket by Brian Henderson

The Wooden Hand by Brian Henderson

Spill by Brian Henderson

Rug and Mandolin by Brian Henderson

Nip and Strings by Brian Henderson

Mortar and Pestle by Brian Henderson

Corner by Brian Henderson

The Super Bowl by Cecilia Cardiff

Stoneware and Silver by Jane Cruickshank

Silver Jug by Jane Cruickshank

Pewter and Onions by Jane Cruickshank

Coffee Pot and Cherries by Jane Cruickshank

Two Pears by Jennifer Mackenzie

Wee Jug of Daffodils by Jennifer Mackenzie

Still Life with Sunflowers by Jennifer Mackenzie

Roses on Red by Jennifer Mackenzie

Still Life with Wee Bird by Helen Tabor

Roses and Estrantia by Helen Tabor

Little Black Chair by Jan Munro

Cheese and Wine by Jan Munro

Spring Flowers by Fiona Sturrock

Roses and Daisies by Fiona Sturrock

Garden Flowers by Fiona Sturrock

Candytuft by Fiona Sturrock

Orange & Tulips by Jane Walker

Moon & Stars by Jane Walker

Lemon Tree by Jane Walker

Lemon & White Cup by Jane Walker

Diamond Plate by Jane Walker

Cherry Red by Jane Walker

Lemon Tea by the Sea by Mairi Stewart

Little Jug by Mairi Stewart

Strawberries and Cream by Hilary Gauci

Oriental Bowl with Silver Jug and Oranges by Hilary Gauci

Garden Bounty by Hilary Gauci

Japanese Vase with Blackberries in Silver by Hilary Gauci

Happy Pair I by Hilary Gauci

Happy Pair II by Hilary Gauci

Little and Large by Hilary Gauci

Continental Silver with Peaches by Hilary Gauci

Pewter, Pears and Wine by Hilary Gauci

Plums, Cherries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

Silver, Lemons and Blackberries by Hilary Gauci

Cranberries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

Copper Pot and Garden Bramleys by Hilary Gauci

Cherries in Silver Quaich by Hilary Gauci

White Peonies by Ruth Corbett

Apricots and Blossom by Ruth Corbett

Yellow Wild Poppies by Ruth Corbett

Red Vase and Pears by Ruth Corbett

Sunflower Passion by Ruth Corbett

Ginger Jar and Bees by Ruth Corbett

Lego Minis Collection by Nicola McBride

A Slice of Family Life by Nicola McBride

Pomegranate Noir by Nicola McBride

Playing with Lego by Nicola McBride

Playing an Irn Bru Game by Nicola McBride

Platinum Egoiste by Nicola McBride

Never Mind the Bollocks by Nicola McBride

Milk Wafers by Nicola McBride

Milk Chocolate Coated by Nicola McBride

Logs by Nicola McBride

Jute Jam & Oor Wullie by Nicola McBride

Dark Wafers by Nicola McBride

Dark Chocolate Mallow by Nicola McBride

Back to Black by Nicola McBride

Back Seat with Oor Wullie by Nicola McBride

An Irn Bru Crush I by Nicola McBride

An Irn Bru Crush II by Nicola McBride

An Irn Bru Crush III by Nicola McBride

Blue Vase and Clementine by Gary Morrow

Spilled Roses and Plums by Gary Morrow

Bottles from Dijon by Lindsay Turk

Custodian by Lindsay Turk

Verdant by Lindsay Turk

Thread & Turin Cinnamon by Lindsay Turk

Pocket Yellow Pear by Dani Humberstone

Shiny Red Apple by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Mauve Fig by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Strawberry by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Pomegranate by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Peach by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Blue Damson by Dani Humberstone

Ripe Green Fig by Dani Humberstone

Dusky Pink Damson by Dani Humberstone

Very Yellow Pear by Dani Humberstone

Toasting You by Hanna Kaciniel

A Bowl of Cherries by Hanna Kaciniel

On The Deer Side by Hanna Kaciniel

Full of Beans by Hanna Kaciniel

Flowair Wear by Hanna Kaciniel

Empire Building by Hanna Kaciniel

All Sorted by Hanna Kaciniel

Bullseye by Georgina McMaster

Still Life with No 1 by Gwyn Jones

Bass Rock Bird by Mairi Stewart

Scattering of Quails Eggs by Fiona Longley

Pewter Jug with Blackberries by Fiona Longley

A Berry Medley by Fiona Longley

A Trio of Scottish Turnips by Fiona Longley

Crisp Garden Apples by Fiona Longley

Little Pot of Strawberries by Fiona Longley

Lemon by Fiona Longley

Blue Winged Butterfly by Fiona Longley

Summer Strawberries by Fiona Longley

Shiitake Mushrooms by Fiona Longley

Gelder Rose and Bumblebee by Fiona Longley

The Tulip and The Butterfly by Fiona Longley

Orange Winged Butterfly by Fiona Longley

Vase, Feather and Pomegranates by Fiona Longley

Daffodils in Black Vase and Apple by Gary Morrow

Begonias II by Rowena Laing

Red Roses by Mhairi McGregor

Ranunculus by Mhairi McGregor

Daffodils by Mhairi McGregor

Daffodils II by Mhairi McGregor

Sun Bowl by Stephanie Pijper

Song of the Waves by Stephanie Pijper

Incense Pot in Lilac by Stephanie Pijper

Blue Lady by Stephanie Pijper

White Roses and Apples by Ania Pieniazek

Sweet Apples by Ania Pieniazek

Still Life with Pears by Ania Pieniazek

Lager for Two by Ania Pieniazek

Almond Biscuits and Tea by Ania Pieniazek

Dancing Orchid by Ania Pieniazek

Conkers and Leaves by Ania Pieniazek

Friends with Pears by Ania Pieniazek

Morning Sunshine by Ania Pieniazek

Coffee and Croissants by Ania Pieniazek

Autumn Treasures 2 by Ania Pieniazek

Autumn Treasures 3 by Ania Pieniazek

Still Life with an Empty Saucer by Ania Pieniazek

Cyclamen by Jane Blair

Black Vase by Jane Blair

A Tunnock's Scatter by Nicola McBride

Tea, Sanny and Turn On The Tranny by James Fraser RSW

Rock-an-Robin by James Fraser RSW

Bird, Petals & Fancy Kettles by James Fraser RSW

Wild Tulips by Lisa House

White Tulips in a Beltie Vase by Fiona Millar

Red Tulips in a Boat Jug by Fiona Millar

Flowers in a Beltie Vase by Fiona Millar

Chinese Lanterns in a Black and White Jug by Fiona Millar

White Tulips by Fiona Millar

Chinese Lanterns by Fiona Millar

Little House Vase by Fiona Millar

Pear on Pink by Mike Service

Anemones by Mike Service

Roses by Mike Service

Face the Sunshine by Emma Davis

Papaver by Emma Davis

Little Jug of Snowdrops by Emma Davis

Pomegranates by Stuart Walters

Pink Coffee Cup by Stuart Walters

Japanese Teapot by Stuart Walters

White Orchid by Stuart Walters

Blue Flowers by Stuart Walters

Blue Coffee Pot by Stuart Walters

Oranges in White Bowl by Stuart Walters

Two White Chairs by Stuart Walters

Reds by Mairi Stewart

Honeysuckle by Mairi Stewart

Favourites by Mairi Stewart

Spring by Mairi Stewart

Mother by Stephanie Pijper

Courage by Stephanie Pijper

Candour by Stephanie Pijper

Temperance by Stephanie Pijper

Avalanche Rose by Kevin McFall

Rose in White Vase by Kevin McFall

Rose in a Glass by Kevin McFall

Fishbowl by Kevin McFall

Pear, Apple and Lace by Gwyn Jones

Still Life with No 4 by Gwyn Jones

The Broken Horn by Gwyn Jones

Shoe Lasts and Pears by Gwyn Jones