Alli Gray

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Alli Gray

Born in Glasgow, Alli studied at Glasgow Caledonian University, graduating with an Honours Degree in Communication Arts. She initially began exhibiting and selling oil paintings with the Annan Gallery in Glasgow and then through a variety of galleries in Scotland and London.

Alli says: “I have explored various mediums and styles over the years in my journey to articulate relationships between self, other and the environment. By doing so I hope to reveal what is optimistic and celebratory in the relationships which sustain us. Not only our personal relationships but our relationship with nature and the recognition of our need for wild spaces.

Semi-abstraction has always held a great appeal, and for me the excitement lies where both figuration and abstraction meet. Emphasising structure, movement and form allows me to explore the symbolic nature of shape to draw analogies between our inner world and the landscape.

Powerful rhythms of negative and positive patterns reveal themselves, describing a strength and tension which counter expressive, fluid and everchanging elements. The structural integrity of each composition, symbolising strength and resilience, provides a visual framework to communicate both the physical and spiritual, describing how we perceive and navigate the space around us. Strength, hope and optimism are the values which I hope to bring alive when I paint.

My working method begins with sketching, and the excitement and emotional response to each new scene is something that never leaves me. The development of my initial sketches takes an exploratory and intuitive approach, and the versatility of oil paint is perfect for this. Experimenting during the early stages and allowing myself the freedom to try new ideas has been a wonderful rediscovery of the simple joy of painting.”