Hi there
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the lovely rings - they fit perfectly, and look gorgeous! Thanks again for making them!
EQ, Glasgow. February 2021

Hi Claire,
Just wanted to let you know the paintings arrived safe and sound. They are stunning! what a talent. Thanks again for your efficient service.
MK, Argyll & Bute, February 2021

Hi Claire
Dark Tunnocks Stack has arrived – expertly packaged, and I am delighted with the frame, which will match other artworks I have.
The image itself is superbly executed, and I am thrilled with it.
GK, Ipswich. February 2021

Hi Claire
Just wanted to let you know that I received my painting The Old Dog this morning and I love it, thank you. And so impressed with all your wrapping, it must take forever, well done, only apocalypse would have damaged it. Thank you very much,
NP, Surrey. January 2021

My beautifully wrapped picture arrived yesterday afternoon. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service.
EG, Edinburgh. January 2021

Thank you so much for my painting. It arrived yesterday but I have been saving opening it as a Friday treat😉. It is so beautiful I am tearful and couldn’t be more thrilled
Will have to keep my eye out for more....
LT, Hants. January 2021

I just wanted to let you know that our Tim Cockburn painting has been delivered safely. It was extremely well-packaged so has arrived in perfect condition. My husband is delighted with it, as am I.
Now...where to hang it!
CA, Bedford. January 2021

Hello Claire
Happy New Year. The parcel arrived on Tuesday morning. It was exciting to receive a proper parcel (opposed to an Amazon box) which was very well wrapped. The painting and frame are both wonderful, I’m very happy with this purchase and look forward to buying from you again some time in the future.
JB, London. January 2021

Hi Claire,
The package has just arrived safely! Please tell Leigh that I am absolutely delighted with the necklace - I have been a regular visitor to the website for some time and could hold out no longer! Thank you for everything.
PM, Stonehaven. December 2020

Hello Claire ....thanks for posting the painting so promptly .....thought would take from now till Christmas to unpack😊...all ok, much appreciated, painting is as nice as displayed on website.
JM, Brighton. December 2020

Thank you Claire. Awesome packaging by the way! and love the painting.
CM, Cumbria. December 2020

Hi Claire
Just to say that my painting arrived safely today. I am absolutely over the moon with it! Thank you for packing it so well and posting so promptly.
HW, Hants. November 2020

Hi Claire,
Painting arrived safely - expertly packed! Absolutely delighted with it. Thanks again for you help.
WK, Strathblane. November 2020

Good afternoon Claire,
Arrived. Fantastic painting, probably my favourite of his. Some serious packaging.
Many thanks
NH, Cheltenham. November 2020

Hello Claire,
The painting has just arrived and we have just managed to get it out (due to the excellent packaging!). We both liked it in the booklet and on the website but now its here in person it is just simply stunning! Our second purchase from you... I doubt it will be our last!
Thank you
CG, Lincolnshire. November 2020

Hello Claire,
The painting is in perfect condition and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for all your help!
DR, FLorida. USA. November 2020

Hello Claire,
The painting just arrived. How kind of you to wrap it so perfectly. Of course we love it, and we have already walked around the house with it, trying to decide where to hang it.
Thank you for your help!
MD, Ottowa, Canada. October 2020

Thank you, Claire. The painting has arrived and we are delighted with it.
JR, Inverness. October 2020

Hi Claire.
Painting has arrived safely , I am so delighted, think this is the most beautiful yet!
Thank you again for your assistance.
CB, Warwickshire. October 2020

Hi Claire
Painting arrived safe and sound! I am already enjoying it. Thank you for your pleasant and efficient service.
MT, Aberdeen. September 2020

Hi Claire,
I have received the McWhinnie picture and am delighted with it.  It was extremely well packaged and arrived safely.
LM, Inverness. September 2020

Earrings arrived today, they are beautiful..am delighted with them. Thanks again
PC, Glasgow. September 2020

Hi Claire, painting received today and it is perfect. Many thanks.
JP, Berwick Upon Tweed. September 2020

Hello Claire,
Thanks for the excellent packaging of my picture. It arrived safely and I am delighted with it.
AL, Banchory. September 2020

Hi Claire
Just to say the painting arrived safely thank you so much we love it!
SB, Wiltshire. September 2020

Hi Claire
The painting has arrived and we are delighted with it. Thank you for your very efficient service. We look forward to visiting the gallery again.
JR, Inverness. September 2020

Dear Claire,
My wonderful Vega Paintings have arrived on schedule and in beautiful condition, they are now hung in my home with great delight, I am delighted thank you so very much.
Thank you from a very satisfied customer, wonderful service
LC, Berwick Upon Tweed. August 2020

Hi Claire and Leigh,
I just got the ring. It is amazing and everything I hoped for! Thank you so much for working together with me to create something so special! I hope I can someday come up and visit the gallery when things return to normal!
LA, London. August 2020

Hi Claire
The painting arrived safe and sound last week and is as good, if not better, than I knew it would be. I am very pleased with it _ thank you.
JH, Blanefield. July 2020

Hello Claire
The painting has arrived and it is great. Thank you for the prompt delivery.
AZ, Bath. July 2020

Hello Leigh,
Thank you getting the necklace sent so quickly. It arrived safely, and my daughter was absolutely enchanted with it and is now wearing it all the time. It looks lovely on her.
My sincere thanks,
AH, Elgin. July 2020

Hi Claire,
The very securely wrapped painting duly arrived, and I love it!
JE, Aberdeenshire. July 2020

Hi Claire
Crossapol House has arrived and I’m thrilled with it. Allison so beautifully captures the landscape and colours on Tiree and while we won’t make it this year (first time in about 15 years), at least I can imagine I am there! Thanks for sending so swiftly and packaging so well.
LC, Dalmeny. July 2020

Dear Claire,
The earrings arrived safely this morning. They are absolutely stunning! I shall so enjoy wearing them. Please thank Leigh very much for her artistry and expertise.
HT, Cambridge. June 2020

Morning Claire
Delighted to say Sanna Bay arrived half an hour ago! We were like kids at Christmas getting it opened! Really safely packed. Even better in reality.
Thanks again
AB, Portsoy. June 2020

Hi Claire
The painting arrived safely on Thursday and we mounted it over the weekend. It is the perfect painting for the wall above the mantlepiece. Very much appreciated.
Thank you once again for all your help.
LG, Darlington. June 2020

Thank you so much,the earrings are beautiful and your service was fantastic.
KC, Bridge of Allan. May 2020

Hi Claire,
We really love the picture, something to cheer us up. Some serious packaging.
NH, Cheltenham. May 2020

Just a quick note to let you know that the jewellery arrived safely today. I am thrilled with them.
JB, Glos. May 2020

Hello Claire,
Thank you. The jewellery has arrived safely and is lovely.
KT, Callander. May 2020

Hi Leigh & Claire
Just to say the necklaces arrived this morning and are just as beautiful as I knew they would be.
CC, Stirling. May 2020

Hi Claire,
Just wanted to let you know that the paintings are fantastic. They are just what we wanted. Thank you for the very quick delivery. Look forward to when we can return to the gallery in person.
LS, Blairgowrie. May 2020

Hi Claire,
Just to let you know the painting arrived in absolutely perfect condition this morning. And you are right it looks even better in “real life”…… the Autumnal colours are really intriguing and this didn’t come over on screen…. Thank you again and stay safe
RM, Huddersfield. May 2020

Hi Claire,
The earrings have arrived and they are lovely!
KB, Yorkshire. May 2020

I have received the painting and I am delighted with it. Thank you for your prompt delivery and hope to visit the gallery as soon as I can.
HMcC, Perth. May 2020

Hi Claire
Painting just arrived. So excited! It is just perfect and I have the perfect spot for it . Delighted
Thank you for such a great service. Best day since lockdown!
DL, Linlithgow. May 2020

Hello Claire
Just to let you know that Roses in a Marmalade Jar arrived safely and is now up on the wall! I love it!
JB, Gloucestershire. May 2020

Hi Claire
Our painting has arrived safely and we are absolutely delighted with it. Many thanks for an excellent service.
CMcK, Leeds. May 2020

Hi Claire
Just to let you know that my pictures have arrived in perfect condition.They were beautifully packed! I'm sure they will be much admired when we are once again allowed visitors.
Thank you for your help regarding them.
Keep well and safe and I look forward to visiting your gallery after this crisis is over.
LS, Crieff. April 2020

Hi Claire
We had a delivery from Parcel Force today and already have our fabulous painting on the wall and are absolutely delighted with it. Brilliant job of parcelling up the painting, I suspect you have done this one than a few times before!!
Many thanks, keep safe
LH, Clydebank. March 2020

Hi Claire
I just wanted to acknowledge safe receipt and to say many thanks for your help. The painting was extremely well packaged.. the anticipation nearly killed me!!
Delighted with it and look forward to doing business with you in the future
AG, Wigan. February 2020

Hello Claire,
Just to let you know that I have received the painting. It is very beautiful. Thank you very much, excellent service, as always!
HB-M, Glasgow. February 2020

Hi Claire,
The picture arrived safely today – and it’s safe to say it’s even more stunning in real life!
Thank you for the very secure wrapping and sending so promptly!
BM, Newcastle. February 2020

Hi Claire
Thank you so much for the painting, it is absolutely gorgeous, we were so excited unpacking it.
JS, Aboyne. February 2020

Hi Claire
Just to let you know the painting has arrived safely. It looks wonderful!
Thank you for all your help.
MH, Derbyshire. January 2020

Dear Claire
Safely received and really delighted, many thanks.
LM, Bedfordshire. January 2020

Hello Claire,
Just to let you know the ring arrived safely today: it’s absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for such prompt service.
SM, Nairn. December 2019

Hi Leigh and Claire
All received. The rings are beautiful. Thank you so.much.
JH, Sussex. December 2019

Hi Claire,
Painting arrived safely , it’s beautiful many thanks for organising.
CB, Berkshire. November 2019

Dear Claire
The painting arrived today and we love it!
Have to say it took us about twenty minutes to unwrap all your wonderful packaging which made the anticipation even more intense!!!
Many thanks
CP, E. Lothian. November 2019

Dear Claire,
The painting has just arrived and I love it. It was also the best wrapped parcel I’ve ever received- nothing could ever have harmed it!
Thanks again,
AL, Harrogate. October 2019

Good afternoon Claire and Leigh,
The necklace arrived yesterday. It is beautiful and I am sure mum is going to love it. Thank you so much for being so kind and helpful.
WG, Texas, USA. September 2019

Hi Claire
Just want to say how delighted I am with this painting. It arrived today in superb packaging.It took me five minutes to unpack!
I am seriously thinking about purchasing another of Jennifer Mackenzies works!
Thankyou for such a friendly art buying experience. I hope to visit your gallery very soon!
NB, Hull. September 2019

Hi Clare
The picture arrived safely this morning thank you. Beautifully wrapped. Already on my wall.
Many thanks
MP, London. August 2019

hi claire – many thanks for the good chat today. am delighted with the pieces i bought.
PB, Aberdeenshire. August 2019

Hello Claire,
Just to let you know that the painting has reached me safely. Thank you for the great service.
All the best,
HB-M, Glasgow. August 2019

It’s up, am thrilled it works perfectly. It’s funny I instantly new it was the one, kind of love at first sight. So glad I trusted my instincts. Send my thanks to Scott,
LR, New Jersey. USA August 2019

…it arrived safely and we are grateful for your efficient service. Love the print too!
MA, Birmingham. August 2019

Dear Claire,
Ring arrived today. It is beautiful. I’m sure my wife will be delighted.
Best wishes
GM, Reading. July 2019

Hi Claire,
I have just received the painting and it literally took my breath away it’s so beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your help. It was shipped perfectly. We will enjoy this painting forever. Next time we are in Scotland we will come check out your gallery live!
Many thanks,
MT, New York, USA. May 2019

Good morning Claire!
Just a quick note to let you know that the picture arrived safe and sound and we are very pleased with it.
The packaging was amazing!
Thanks for your help,
Kind regards and best wishes,
JH, Bristol. March 2019

Hi Claire – I wanted to let you know that have just spoken to my mother and the painting arrived yesterday. It took her about an hour to unwrap it (hahaha!) but thank you for packing it so well.
Thanks again,
SR, Hampshire. January 2019

Hello Claire,
The picture has just arrived, and it is very beautiful, thank you!
Great service!
All the best,
HBM, Glasgow. January 2019

Just wanted to say my ring has been well admired already and I LOVE it! Getting earrings was a huge unexpected bonus! Thanks again
ET. December 2018

Hi Claire,
We have received the gold ring through the post and it fits perfectly. The ring is gorgeous and we are very happy indeed.
JW, Lanarkshire. December 2018

Thank you so much! I could have bought about 20 paintings, the gallery selection is wonderful.
BS, London. December 2018

Necklace arrived safely and it is beautiful, thanks.
RG, Glasgow. December 2018

Just to let you know my painting arrived all safe. I love it! It is simply beautiful! I can’t wait to hang it up in my home, what an amazing artist!
Thank you so much
CB, Kent. October 2018

Leigh and Claire
I received the ring today and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much – it is gorgeous!
Thank you for making it so beautiful.
All the very best,
RO, Glasgow. August 2018

Dear Claire,
The painting by Gordon Wilson has arrived in very good condition and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it…the colour is far more vibrant than any reproduction suggests.
Best wishes,
DS, Hampshire. August 2018

I’ve received the painting safe and sound. I’m really delighted with it.
Kind Regards
PR, Renfrewshire. July 2018

Dear Claire and Leigh
I did receive my lovely painting very promptly and very securely wrapped. Thank you so much for your service! I will keep looking …
Very best wishes
DR, London. June 2018

I just wanted to let know pearls arrived safely. Stunning. The pearls were meant to be a gift but i honestly think i might keep them myself.
JS, Fife. May 2018

Hello Claire,
Delighted to say the Vega has just safely arrived. Thank-you for dealing with this purchase so efficiently and promptly.
LMcC, Invernesshire. May 2018

Hi Leigh,
We both absolutely love the ring. Thank you for a stunning design and taking the time with me to discuss it and look at options.
RR, Aberdeen. May 2018

Hi Claire
Thanks again for bringing the painting round for us to try it. I hung it just after you left last night and it looks amazing.
RL, Stirling. April 2018

Thankyou for sending the painting, it arrived yesterday…It is now hanging in the living room.
Really delighted with the painting!!
Many thanks
DF, Surrey. March 2018

Good Afternoon Claire,
The painting arrived safe and sound this afternoon, despite the snow. I have just unpacked it and I am delighted with it, exceeding all expectations. Thank you once again for your excellent service and all your assistance. Very best wishes,
WH, Windsor, March 2018

Painting arrived today & is up on the wall already. It’s a great picture.
All the best,
PD, Glasgow. February 2018

Dear Claire,
Thank you very much for arranging the posting of the earrings. They are beautiful. Please do thank Leigh on my behalf.
HT, Cambridge, February 2018

Hi Claire,
We put them up today and they look great especially the big one which is brilliant for what it cost. Actually we could have bought most of the paintings in the current exhibition.
PS, Leicester. December 2017

Hello Claire ,
Just to let you know the painting arrived at 11.30 am today ,very quick ! We like it very much and it is nice to have two of Hilary Gauci’s paintings on the same wall.
I was very impressed by your Gallery and the service you provide .Something you do not see very often these days.
All the very best
WR, Angus. November 2017

Hi Claire
Our painting arrived safely and is now hung in our wall-what a beauty!
Thanks very much
SW, Surrey. November 2017

Hi Claire
I have just received the ring and it is perfect. Please tell Leigh I am thrilled with it.
Best wishes
KMcD, Argyll. October 2017

Hi Claire,
The painting has arrived and I love it! Thank you so much for your help.
KMcK, Aberdeen. October 2017

Hi Claire
The painting has arrived & I love it. Thank you for your help & for packing it so well! Hopefully see you the next time I’m visiting Stirling.
NB, Oxfordshire. October 2017

Hi Claire,
Just to let you know I now have the paintings and am delighted with them.
Kind regards
WK, Stirlingshire. August 2017

Claire picture arrived this afternoon. Looks fantastic.Thanks
KC, Northern Ireland. July 2017

Hi Claire,
Just wanted to send pics of paintings hung in the house. They both look stunning. Very pleased with both purchases!
JR, Lanarkshire, April 2017

Just a short note to let you know that our two Gordon Wilson paintings arrived safe and well today. We had fun opening them – very impressive packing! We are very pleased with them.
J&GC, Cumbria. April 2017

I’ve just unpacked the painting and it is even more gorgeous in real life, I’m so pleased with it.
Thank you so much for all your help.
WH, Windsor. April 2017

Hi Claire
Just to say that I’m delighted with my painting! Many thanks
LR, Edinburgh. February 2017

Hello Claire
Necklace arrived safely this morning. It is lovely. Thank you for dealing with the order so promptly.
EF, Edinburgh. December 2016

Hi Claire ,
Just to let you know that the ring arrived safe and sound yesterday . Love it … thank you so much
BR, Edinburgh. December 2016

Just to say that I received the painting safe & sound last Thursday. Packing was excellent & the picture is great, I love it.
PD, Surrey

Hi Claire
Thanks so much for sending the picture and all your help. We love the painting!
Thank you
SL, Edinburgh

Hello, just to let you know the painting has arrived and I’m delighted with it. Very impressed with the packing! Thanks for sending it so quickly. It was much appreciated.
LB, Lochgilphead

Hi Leigh
Just to let you know the painting arrived safely in Rome…Many thanks again for all your help in arranging everything for us.

Painting has arrived safely and I am delighted with the purchase. Thank you for making the transaction so hassle free.
AB, Wales

I just wanted to let you know that Josie has arrived safe and sound. She is so lovely, full of character ! I cant wait to put her on the wall.
Thankyou so much
CB, Kent

Just to let you know the parcel has arrived and the pictures look fantastic on the wall! I’m so pleased with them.
MA, Edinburgh

Hi Claire,
The painting arrived as you indicated it would. All went like clockwork and I am well pleased with the painting.
Thanks again.
DMcC, Glasgow

Hi Claire,
Just to let you know that the painting has arrived safely. Thank you again for your care and assistance, you have made the online buying experience feel very human. It has been a pleasure buying from you.
KH, Potters Bar

Hi Claire,
just wanted to let you know we are delighted with the two Dionne Sievewright Painting’s.
I think it took no more than 5 minutes to get both on the wall!!
Very happy customer!
IM, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hi Claire,
Just to let you know the painting has arrived and its absolutely stunning. We are really delighted with it and want to thank you very much indeed for your excellent service.
JH, Aberdeen

Hi Claire & Leigh
Painting arrived safely – incredibly well packed – and is looking good on the brick wall!
JW, Orkney

Hi Claire,
The painting arrived safely, early this morning before I left for work! It was impressively packaged! It is now hanging in our hall and we are delighted with it.
CM, Lincoln

Hi Claire,
Just wanted to let you know the painting arrived safely. It is a fantastic piece!
MM, Falkirk

The painting arrived a few days ago…the TNT service was excellent and easy to track. And the painting was very well packaged. I shall continue to check your gallery and hope to be a continuous customer.
GC, Dubai

Bengal has arrived and he is absolutely magnificent! Thank you for the great packaging and prompt service.
AS, Windsor

It was great to meet you and your sister in Glasgow. I am delighted with my new painting!
DB, Edinburgh

I am really delighted with the pictures and have found a perfect space to hang them!
DM, London

Just to let you know that the paintings have just arrived and they are fabulous. We are absolutely delighted with them – thank you for packaging them so carefully and for your prompt service, both of which are greatly appreciated.
I will keep checking your online gallery and am certain that we shall be buying other pieces from you in due course!
KP, Colchester

Hi Claire,
We’ve just unpacked the painting, it looks amazing!! Thank you!!
GH, Southampton

Thank you for my ring. I absolutely love it and still can’t stop gazing at it!
RO, Edinburgh

Hi Claire,
Just a quick message to let you know how pleased I am with my new ring. My husband and I have been looking for an elegant, unique ring for some time and this is perfect. I’ve already had lots of compliments.
JN, Manchester

Hi Claire,
The painting arrived safe and sound this afternoon. Its so beautiful and even better than Id hoped for. Thank you so much for your help.
WH, Windsor, Berkshire

Hello Claire
Just to say the painting has arrived and its lovely thankyou. Cant wait to put it on my wall.
Thankyou so much
CB, Ashtead

Dear Claire and Leigh,
Just to let you know that the November Wind painting arrived safely this morning. It is absolutely beautiful and I am delighted with it.
Thank you to both of you for your help and to Claire for packaging it so carefully.
VG, Hants

This is just to let you know that the painting arrived safely and I’m delighted with it. I was a bit concerned about it being transported but I needn’t have worried since it was so well wrapped. Thanks for all your help.
JB, Norfolk

Delighted to see the finished rings they are absolutely beautiful. Many thanks.
DM, Banchory

My lovely painting of the Cloch Lighthouse arrived today beautifully packaged. We’ve just to decide on the most suitable place for it.
Thank you for the speedy delivery.
ML, Glasgow

It arrived today & I love it! Keeping it on my desk for now.
Thanks so much.
IH, California

Thank you for the speedy delivery of ‘ Balephetrish’. I am delighted with the painting.
SM, Arran

Many thanks Leigh – the package arrived at lunchtime today, and I’m delighted with it.
SM, Peebleshire

Just to say painting arrived safely today – its lovely. Thank-you for packing it so well.
LM, Inverness

Many thanks Claire & Leigh for such great service. Our Stephanie Rew painting now has pride of place in our lounge and looks stunning.
SW, Boness

The paintings arrived this morning, very well packaged and in perfect condition. They’re already on the wall and look fantastic along side the two we already had.
Thanks for the excellent service.
GW, Stoke on Trent

Thank you Claire. We received the painting on Monday morning and were pleased that it was so well packed. It is now on our wall making a great impact. Just what we have been looking for! It is so rare that we both are knocked out by the same painting. It is a superb gallery that you have with so many high quality paintings. Hope to return whenever we are in your area.
KD, Middlesex

I just wanted to thank Leigh for producing another lovely ring for me. I am delighted with it.
AM, Glasgow

Thanks for dealing with my order so promptly. The necklace was sitting waiting at my desk for me this morning. It is more stunning in “real life” that it was on the web. I am looking forward to wearing it.
KS, Aberdeen

Many thanks for sending the item so promptly. I’m very happy with it indeed.
Best wishes, and thanks for excellent customer service!
LS, Edinburgh

We are delighted with the painting – it looks fantastic in our sitting room!
DL, Aberdeen

My Alastair Laing painting was delivered today in perfect condition and is just lovely – the photo you sent did it justice but in real life it is even more lovely and beautifully framed as well. Many kind thanks for packaging it so well and all your help with the courier paperwork and arrangements etc.
HB, Western Australia

Just a note to say thank you for sending the silver, gold and garnet necklace to me here in the borders – its lovely.
AB, Melrose

Thank you for your speedy service!
KI, Aberdeen
The painting is perfect. Thanks you very much for such good service, I did not expect the painting to arrive so quickly.
MP, Derbyshire

Just to let you know Past Summer Days has arrived safely. Many thanks for your careful packing. We are delighted with the painting and have hung it already!
DB, Lewis

Ceramic arrived today. It looks amazing.
JW, Dundee

The pots are an absolute delight and in perfect condition thanks to your packing. Many thanks for all your help.

Many thanks. Its fab!

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