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Little Black Chair

Just a Feeling


Cheese and Wine


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Jan Munro

"My paintings are made with watercolour, acrylic, pastels and sometimes a mixture of media. I am primarily a landscape painter using both local and other UK places for inspiration. More recently I have been developing still life paintings in pastel. I love to buy a piece of pottery wherever I visit and it inspires a still life.

I aim to represent a place or thing but also to convey to the viewer my inspiration and feelings about what I am painting. I want to look beyond the reality.

Composition and design are key elements in my paintings so that there is a feeling of balance. There will always be a sense of light and space. I work hard to master the media that I use so that the painting seems to flow beyond technique and to be made with a playful curiosity and seemingly without struggle.

Enabling others to enjoy and develop their own art is a big part of my life. Weekly classes for adults take up much of term time. Often preparing a class informs a painting. They go hand in hand.

I like to spend time in a place, make sketches, take photos and gather as much information as I can. Paintings of landscape are mostly made in my studio from sketches made on site. If I use a photo I always make a sketch from it and use memories of that place so that I move away from the totally representational. More and more I like to paint en plain air sketches usually in watercolour. Landscapes are made in watercolour and acrylic with texture and distance in mind.

A still life is always set up in my studio. Recently I have been including landscape or place in with the still life. This can take time. I need to see it for colours, patterns and light. I then do a drawing. Pastel is the medium. I use a sanded surface in a mid or dark tone. Pastel is applied dark to light with side strokes and some layering."


The Annie Longley Award: The Pastel Society 2016

The Frank Herring & Sons Award: The Pastel Society 2016

Best In Show: St Albans Art Society 2016

The Artist Magazine Award: The Pastel Society exhibition 2015

The Unison Award: The Pastel Society Exhibition 2015

The Wicked Watercolour Award: The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour.

Best in Show: Berkhamsted Art Society 2015

Best in show: St Albans Art Society 2006/2007



Woburn Art Gallery, Woburn

St Albans Art Society Exhibition.

Trent Art Gallery 19 Newcastle under Lyme

St Albans Art Society:

Upstairs Gallery, Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted Art Society

Chiltern Ms Centre

The Pastel Society, The Mall Galleries

Harpenden Arts Club

Yvonne Arnaud Exhibition :Guildford

Mentmore Village Art Exhibition

Upstairs Gallery, Berkhamsted Chiltern Open Air Museum

The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour

Parallax: Chelsea Town Hall

The Society of Women Artists



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Paintings held in many Private collections.



Member of:

The Pastel Society

Herts Visual Arts Forum

Harpenden Art Society

Berkhamsted Art Society

Committee member of St Albans Art Society.