Spring Exhibition

Windswept Love 6 by Rachel Painter

Over It All We Stand by Rachel Painter

Look Out & Beyond by Rachel Painter

A Summer's Evening Here With You by Rachel Painter

Solstice Castle by Ritchie Collins (Sold)

Harbour Light by Ritchie Collins

Beehive Bothy by Ritchie Collins

Return of the Bright Star by Ritchie Collins (Sold)

Light and Shade by Fee Dickson Reid

The Longest Night by Fee Dickson Reid

Turquoise Beach by Fee Dickson Reid

Warm Nights by Fee Dickson Reid

Moon Rising by Alastair Laing

The Green Door by Alastair Laing

First Snow by Alastair Laing

Ben Lomond: Snow by Alastair Laing

A Jug of White Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Poppies on Parade by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Rose Bowl by Jennifer Mackenzie

Summer Littleferry by Jennifer Mackenzie

Teapot of Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Wee Jug of Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Arran Tree by Claire Kennedy

View Over Edinburgh by Claire Kennedy

Russet Poppy Sunset by Deborah Phillips

Autumn Rolling Fields by Deborah Phillips

Blue Sidlaw Moon by Deborah Phillips

Kildonan Cottages, Arran by Deborah Phillips

Muileann Gaoithe from Strathwhillan, Arran by Deborah Phillips

Birdies over Demperston by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Midas Poppies by Deborah Phillips

Jade Twilight by Deborah Phillips

The Sound of Silence by Rosanne Barr

Summer Days Ahead by Rosanne Barr

Seven Sails by Rosanne Barr

Scrambling Around the Rocks by Rosanne Barr (Sold)

Light Near Oban by Rosanne Barr (Sold)

Hebridean Pier by Rosanne Barr

Inspired by Colonsay by Rosanne Barr

Spaghetti II by Tim Cockburn

The Smoker by Tim Cockburn

Homeward by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Living Room Tango by Tim Cockburn

One for the Road by Tim Cockburn

All For the Love of You by James Fraser RSW

Nice Back Wee Jack by James Fraser RSW

Purple Dress & Eton Mess by James Fraser RSW

Rose Red by James Fraser RSW

This Ship Has Sailed by James Fraser RSW

Pewter Sky, Gott Bay by Allison Young (Sold)

Clouds Passing, Gott Bay by Allison Young (Sold)

After the Storm, Balephetrish by Allison Young

Apples & Bees by Ruth Corbett

Ginger Jar and Tangerines by Ruth Corbett

Soft Pink Roses by Ruth Corbett

Pears by Ruth Corbett

Lilies and Greenfinch by Ruth Corbett

Scarlet Poppies by Ruth Corbett

The Balmoral, Princes Street #3 by Lesley Anne Derks

Twilight, Princes Street, Edinburgh by Lesley Anne Derks

Lurcher III by Sally Muir

Nora by Sally Muir

Black Hound by Sally Muir

Arlo by Sally Muir

Jessie by Sally Muir

Lurcher II by Sally Muir

Lexi by Sally Muir

Galgo by Sally Muir

Vintage Corn by Fiona Longley

Tapas Olives by Fiona Longley

Little Apricots by Fiona Longley

Hatched by Fiona Longley

Cocktail Olives by Fiona Longley

Share the Joy by Nicola McBride

Chinese Bottles by LindsayTurk

Faroe Islands Spoon III by Lindsay Turk

White Onion by Lindsay Turk

Three Figs with Bowl by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Russet II by Lindsay Turk

Lilacs by Lindsay Turk

The White House by Jim Wylie

Kerrytonlia by Jim Wylie

Church Study by Jim Wylie

Below the Church by Jim Wylie

Summer Blossom by Rowena Laing

Mr Blue Sky by Rowena Laing

Me and Mum II by Rowena Laing

Into the Blue by Rowena Laing

Ben Ledi and Butterflies by Rowena Laing

Hello Cuteness by Rowena Laing

Pocket Pear by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Clementine by Dani Humberstone (Sold)

Pocket Green Fig by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Green Apple by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Fig by Dani Humberstone

Bedroom View, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Passing Time by Peter Nardini

Good Day Sunshine by Peter Nardini

Feathered Friends by Peter Nardini

Dog Paddle by Peter Nardini

Startled Squirrel by Lesley McLaren

Little Red Squirrel by Lesley McLaren

A Corner of the Garden by Lesley McLaren