Robert Pereira Hind

Available paintings by Robert Pereira Hind Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Rhododendron Ponticum In Excelsis

Prunus Serrulata In Excelsis II (Sold)

Arboretum Autumn In Excelsis (Sold)

Cordilyne Australis In Excelsis

Autumn Prunus (Sold)

Crataegus Oxyacantha In Excelsis

Robert Pereira Hind

Robert Pereira Hind’s mixed media artworks are luxurious and beautifully decorative. They are made by using acrylic paint & organic photographic pigment layered onto gilded wooden backgrounds coated with shellac and art glazes.

An important element of the work is that each piece, over the years will slowly oxidise and mature in appearance. While the pictures sit on your wall, the golden background will eventually take on a light and very beautiful tarnish and over a period of 10-20 years become atmospheric and characterful, like nature against a moody sky. Each piece will bring colour and light to any environment as ambient light reflects from the works to exude a warm look and feel.

Robert Pereira Hind currently lives between Edinburgh & London, and is always on the lookout for trees and wild flowers that are both visually striking and isolated.

Robert says: "I’ll wait for a day with light cloud and head out with my camera.  On returning to my studio I remove all trace of context and montage several images together in the one artwork to create an individual & unique artwork."