Figures and Faces

Available figurative paintings. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Descend II by Iain Holman

Jump II by Iain Holman

Jump IV by Iain Holman

Late Arrival by Stephen Mangan

The Stars are Aligned by June Carey RSW

Still Waters Run Deep by June Carey RSW

I Like School by Deborah Cruden

Angels by Deborah Cruden

The Traveller by Deborah Cruden

Girl by Deborah Cruden

The Boys by Deborah Cruden

Pals by Deborah Cruden

Rinse the Dog by Margaretann Bennett

Recline by Margaretann Bennett

Prom Night by Margaretann Bennett

Dark Cabaret by Margaretann Bennett

Portrait of a Woman by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Francesca by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Bee-ing a Clown by Susan Hutchison

By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Susan Hutchison

The Birdcage Walk by Jenny Holm

Swan Song by Jenny Holm

Put On Your Brave Face by Jenny Holm

Nocturne by Jenny Holm

Looking Homewards by Jenny Holm

A Question of Balance by Jenny Holm

A Little Bird Told Me by Jenny Holm

A Basket of Cherries by Jenny Holm

Yesterday by Jennifer Anderson

Hot Sun by Jennifer Anderson

Hunger by Jennifer Anderson

Moscow Dawn by Jennifer Anderson

Return by Jennifer Anderson

Deliverance by Jennifer Anderson

Cornflowers by Sally Gatie

Spring Awakening by Sally Gatie

Stranded @ Troon by Gordon Wilson

Breton Boy & Belty by Gordon Wilson

Hold by Rebecca Faulding

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

Best Friends, Venice Beach by Peter Nardini

Flight by Peter Nardini

Figure, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Georgia's Summer Hat by Peter Nardini

Captain Cat by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Dancers by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Salsa by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Roses by Aliisa Hyslop

Cats at Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

Dance Study by Tim Cockburn

Invitation to Dance by Tim Cockburn

Sweet Thames by Tim Cockburn

Wood's Barber Shop by Tim Cockburn

The Red Dress by Tim Cockburn

Old Friends by Tim Cockburn

Lockdown Tango by Tim Cockburn

Second Thoughts by Tim Cockburn

Poultry Tent, Cupar by Tim Cockburn

Loves Tender Cruelty by Tim Cockburn

John le Carre by Tim Cockburn

Morning by Tim Cockburn

Lunch at the Lord John Russell by Tim Cockburn

Lockdown Family by Tim Cockburn

Cards in Russell Square by Tim Cockburn

Under the Sky by Ingrid Nilsson

Missing by Ingrid Nilsson

Disco Infanta by Ingrid Nilsson

Vampire Sardines by Ingrid Nilsson

Tick Tock Grub by Jonathan Hood

The Meeting by Jonathan Hood

Moonbathers by Jonathan Hood

Happy Face (The Optimist) by Jonathan Hood

Sleepwalker by Jonathan Hood

Looking Forward by Jane Gardiner

Daria and the Starlings by Jane Gardiner

The Flowers by Jane Gardiner

Kirsten Ponders by Bryan Evans

Solitude in Sleep by Bryan Evans

Becky's Back in Blue by Bryan Evans

The Comeback by Bryan Evans

Not Quite Narcissus - Jasmine in Govan by Bryan Evans

On The Road to Cromarty by Pamela Tait

Justice by Pamela Tait

Silver Tongue Arrives at Inverewe Gardens by Pamela Tait