Figures and Faces

Available figurative paintings. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Minerva and Muffin by Catriona Millar

Meadowlark by Catriona Millar

Alice in the Afternoon by Catriona Millar

The Angel by Gordon Wilson

Afternoon Snow by Ian McWhinnie

Weekend Dreamer by Cecilia Cardiff

Candy Land by Cecilia Cardiff

Peace Out by Cecilia Cardiff

Letting Go by Susan Hutchison

If You Go Down to the Woods Today by Susan Hutchison

Walking the Line by Susan Hutchison

Thoughts by Jane Cruickshank

Venus by Iain Holman

Reach IV by Iain Holman

Morning Swim by Iain Holman

Adrift by Iain Holman

Tulip Basket by Madeleine Hand

Spring Through the Tulips by Madeleine Hand

Little White Flower by Madeleine Hand

Headband by Madeleine Hand

Dance Moves by Madeleine Hand

Family Gathering by Madeleine Hand

Glass in Hand by Madeleine Hand

Somersault by Cherylene Dyer

Fray by Cherylene Dyer

Isabella by Cherylene Dyer

Holding Court by Cherylene Dyer

Imprint by Cherylene Dyer

Sunshine Girls by Peter Nardini

Holiday Snap by Peter Nardini

Calling Home by Peter Nardini

Space Suits and Red Rocket by Brian Henderson

Betty & Doris by Jackie Henderson

Summer by Jackie Henderson

Winter by Jackie Henderson

In Margaret's Garden by Jackie Henderson

Six Red Poppies by Jackie Henderson

To The Docks by Ritchie Collins

Spoons A Bit Old Fashioned by Walter Awlson

The Cratchets by Walter Awlson

The Girl from Neighbourhood by Basia Roszak

Mother and Child by Basia Roszak

Quiet Moment by Basia Roszak

Flute Player by Basia Roszak

Ben (Sketch) by Lewis Mackenzie

Sarah (Sketch) by Lewis Mackenzie

Vanna (Sketch) by Lewis Mackenzie

Song & Dance by Jonathan Hood

The Troubador by Jonathan Hood

The Chat by Jonathan Hood

Circus Act by Jonathan Hood

Healing Hands by Jonathan Hood

Facetime by Jonathan Hood

Juggler and Clowns by Jonathan Hood

The Selfie by Jonathan Hood

Protest Singers by Jonathan Hood

The Waitress, Valletta Cafe by Alexandra Gardner

Parisienne Cafe by Alexandra Gardner

Italian Barbershop by Alexandra Gardner

Natural Light by Tim Cockburn

Onlookers by Tim Cockburn

Anstruther by Tim Cockburn

Coffee by Tim Cockburn

The Teller of Tales by Tim Cockburn

Conversations by Tim Cockburn

Whisky and Champagne by Tim Cockburn

Lucky 7 by Tim Cockburn

Spaghetti by Tim Cockburn

Woods Barbershop by Tim Cockburn

Eightsome Reel by Tim Cockburn

Poultry Tent, Cupar by Tim Cockburn

Dune Jumping by Ben Davies-Jenkins

July by Ben Davies-Jenkins

Spring Study by Ben Davies-Jenkins

Winter at Threipmuir by Ben Davies-Jenkins

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

Happy Face (The Optimist) by Jonathan Hood

Rebirth by Jonathan Hood

Interlude by Jonathan Hood

A Song for the New Normal by Jonathan Hood

Gazebo Nights by Jonathan Hood

Facetime 2 by Jonathan Hood

24/7 Fuel by Jonathan Hood

Tick Tock Grub by Jonathan Hood

The Meeting by Jonathan Hood

Sleepwalker by Jonathan Hood

Moonbathers by Jonathan Hood

A Message from My Love by June Carey RSW RGI

Forgotten Dreams by June Carey RSW RGI

Dreamstate by June Carey RSW RGI

Moonlight and a Rosebud by June Carey RSW RGI

Which One Will You Choose by June Carey RSW RGI

The Boys by Deborah Cruden

I Like School by Deborah Cruden

Angels by Deborah Cruden

Pals by Deborah Cruden

Girl by Deborah Cruden

The Traveller by Deborah Cruden

Deliverance by Jennifer Anderson

Return by Jennifer Anderson

Yesterday by Jennifer Anderson

Hot Sun by Jennifer Anderson

Hunger by Jennifer Anderson

Moscow Dawn by Jennifer Anderson

Daria and the Starlings by Jane Gardiner

The Flowers by Jane Gardiner

Looking Forward by Jane Gardiner

Logging On by Jon Collins

Time Out by Jon Collins

Don't Turn Around by Jon Collins

Come On Eilean by Jon Collins

Chariot Racer by Jon Collins

High Road by Jon Collins

Chasing Monsters by Jon Collins

Cornflowers by Sally Gatie

Jalapenos (The Chilli Harvest) by Jonathan Hood