Figures and Faces

Available figurative paintings. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Church Hall Ceilidh by Tim Cockburn

"Swing Your Partner!" by Tim Cockburn

Natural Light by Tim Cockburn

Second Thoughts by Tim Cockburn

Finders Keepers by Peter Nardini

I'm Hungry Mum by Peter Nardini

Pool Boys by Peter Nardini

Perfect Peace by Peter Nardini

Allison Resting by Peter Nardini

Lounge by Iain Holman

Reflect III by Iain Holman

Siam II by Stephanie Rew

Gazebo Nights by Jonathan Hood

Facetime 2 by Jonathan Hood

24/7 Fuel by Jonathan Hood

Tick Tock Grub by Jonathan Hood

The Meeting by Jonathan Hood

Sleepwalker by Jonathan Hood

Moonbathers by Jonathan Hood

Happy Face (The Optimist) by Jonathan Hood

Based on Folklore by Cherylene Dyer

Reversal 1 by Cherylene Dyer

Reversal 2 by Cherylene Dyer

Self Portrait by the Clyde at Dusk by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Portrait of a Woman by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Francesca by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Which One Will You Choose by June Carey RSW RGI

Moonlight and a Rosebud by June Carey RSW RGI

Forgotten Dreams by June Carey RSW RGI

Dreamstate by June Carey RSW RGI

A Passage of Time by June Carey RSW RGI

A Message from My Love by June Carey RSW RGI

The Boys by Deborah Cruden

I Like School by Deborah Cruden

Angels by Deborah Cruden

Pals by Deborah Cruden

The Traveller by Deborah Cruden

Girl by Deborah Cruden

Cornflowers by Sally Gatie

Deliverance by Jennifer Anderson

Yesterday by Jennifer Anderson

Hot Sun by Jennifer Anderson

Hunger by Jennifer Anderson

Moscow Dawn by Jennifer Anderson

Return by Jennifer Anderson

The Flowers by Jane Gardiner

Daria and the Starlings by Jane Gardiner

Looking Forward by Jane Gardiner

Sorcha in a Blue Head Scarf by Bryan Evans

In Stripes (Sepia) by Bryan Evans

Hannah with her CND Tattoo by Bryan Evans

Jordan in Lace by Bryan Evans

The Comeback by Bryan Evans

Kirsten Ponders by Bryan Evans

Not Quite Narcissus - Jasmine in Govan by Bryan Evans

Becky's Back in Blue by Bryan Evans

Solitude in Sleep by Bryan Evans

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

Coffee by Tim Cockburn

Pas de Bas by Tim Cockburn

Sea Dancers by Aliisa Hyslop

Captain Cat by Aliisa Hyslop

Cats at Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Roses by Aliisa Hyslop

The Ballad of You and Me by Aliisa Hyslop

Once Upon A Time In The West by Aliisa Hyslop

Guns and Roses by Aliisa Hyslop

Midnight Cowboy by Aliisa Hyslop

Songs for the Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

Through the Woods by Aliisa Hyslop

The Musical Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Salsa by Aliisa Hyslop

Maid in Glasgow by Gordon Wilson

Time Out by Jon Collins

Logging On by Jon Collins

Chasing Monsters by Jon Collins

Don't Turn Around by Jon Collins

Chariot Racer by Jon Collins

Come On Eilean by Jon Collins

High Road by Jon Collins

Hotel Mambo (Miss E) by James Fraser RSW

Hotel Mambo (Miss M) by James Fraser RSW

Underneath the Stars You'll Find Me by Jackie Henderson

A Birds Whisper by Jackie Henderson

Hold by Rebecca Faulding