Now On: Winter Exhibition 2019

A large collection of new paintings by gallery artists.

We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists.  Please click here to see new arrivals and here to view all available paintings for sale.

Gossip by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Conga Line by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

First Light by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Three Friends by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Final Adjustments by Tim Cockburn

At The Bar by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Tea and Whisky by Tim Cockburn

The Green Chesterfield by Tim Cockburn

Dancing Feet by Tim Cockburn

The Window Seat by Tim Cockburn

The Two Seater by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Castle Campbell III by Sandra Moffat

Winter Path by Sandra Moffat

Rannoch Moor by Sandra Moffat

Loch Torridon by Sandra Moffat

Castle Campbell by Sandra Moffat

Skye Red Door by Martin Oates

Shadows on the Clyde by Martin Oates (Sold)

Clyde Reds by Martin Oates

Clyde Hometime 2 by Martin Oates (Sold)

Campsie Paths by Gordon Wilson

Bass Rock Shadow by Gordon Wilson

Full Moon Glow, Ailsa Craig by Gordon Wilson

To The Shepherd's Delight by Gordon Wilson

Don't Look Now by Susan Hutchison

Urban Quest by Susan Hutchison (Sold)

Winter Dawn by Amanda Phillips

Winter Bothies by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Winter Hamlet by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Great Tit, After Winter by Claire Harkess RSW

Bullfinch Song by Claire Harkess RSW

Curlew, Loch Leven by Claire Harkess RSW

Fox Tail i by Claire Harkess RSW

Fox Tail ii by Claire Harkess RSW

Sacred Cow by Claire Harkess RSW

Sacred Cow ii by Claire Harkess RSW

Porteous by Georgina McMaster

With This Ring... by Georgina McMaster

The Wee Black Bantam by Helen Tabor

Girl with a Bird by Helen Tabor (Sold)

Girl with a Cat by Helen Tabor

Snowdrops by Helen Tabor

Spring Day, Outer Hebrides by Helen Tabor

Back of the Village by Helen Tabor

Rolling Fields of Maize and Sunflowers by Linda Park

Low Tide at Night, Gairloch Beach by Linda Park

Cuillin Hills Aglow at Tarskavaig by Linda Park

Autumn Light on the Pentlands by Linda Park

Morning Mist Clearing, Glencoe by Linda Park (Sold)

Awaiting the Tide, Castle Tioram by Linda Park (Sold)

Flower Stall, Mallorca by Ian Elliot

Nocturnal Shoreline, Ayrshire by Ian Elliot (Sold)

Dog Walk, Autumn by Ian Elliot (Sold)

January Moorland by Ian Elliot

Vibrant Autumn by Ian Elliot

Late Highland Winter by Ian Elliot

Early Signs of Spring by Ian Elliot

Chilly Autumn Moon by Ian Elliot

Crossing the Bridge by Ian Elliot (Sold)

A View of Winter by Ian Elliot

Early Morning, Crossapol, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

White House, Crossapol, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Windblown Beach, Crossapol, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Traigh Bhag, Tiree by Allison Young

July Sky, Balephuil, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Heanish Beach, Tiree by Allison Young

Black Houses, Brock, Tiree by Allison Young

Cobalt Sky, Sanna Bay by Allison Young (Sold)

The Girl with Bird by Jackie Henderson

Underneath The Stars You'll Fine Me by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Rosie in the Rose Garden by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

The Girl on a Swing by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Red Headed Girl with Bird by Jackie Henderson

Bluebird of Happiness by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Daisy with Bird by Jackie Henderson

Still Life in Pink by Jackie Henderson

Living Under the Stars by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

The Washing Line by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Under the Sky by Ingrid Nilsson

Flash by Ingrid Nilsson

Rainbow Evening Over Kintyre by Grace Cameron (Sold)

Red Sky Energy Over Buachaille by Grace Cameron

Red Thunder at The Sisters by Grace Cameron (Sold)

Peace Over Buachaille by Grace Cameron

Little Monarch II by Winifred Fergus

Horse of the Woods II by Winifred Fergus

Sparrow by Winifred Fergus

Halcyon by Winifred Fergus

Vase of Reds by Peter Nardini

Pretty in Blue by Peter Nardini

Jug of Roses by Peter Nardini

Jug of Margueretes by Peter Nardini

Loyalty by Joyce Gunn Cairns (Sold)

Lap Cat by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Robin by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Still Life by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Pansies I by Andrew Thompson

Pansies II by Andrew Thompson

Pansies III by Andrew Thompson

Pansies IV by Andrew Thompson

Wallflower by Stanley Bird

Serena by Stanley Bird (Sold)

O Sole Mio by Stanley Bird

Well If You Look At It This Way... by Stanley Bird

Swing Time by Stanley Bird

Little Ray of Sunshine by Stanley Bird

Eric and Ernie by Stanley Bird

Soft Landing by Stanley Bird

Fire Flies by Stanley Bird

Sucker for You by Hanna Kaciniel

Whippet by Helen Fay

Maisie by Helen Fay

Arthur by Helen Fay (Sold)

Beauty by Helen Fay

Brodie Sitting by Helen Fay (Sold)

Caspar by Helen Fay

Scotty I by Helen Fay (Sold)

Scotty II by Helen Fay

Scotty III by Helen Fay

Little Arthur by Helen Fay

Flossie by Helen Fay

Doddie by Helen Fay

After The Walk by Helen Fay


 We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists in the gallery at all times.  To see recently arrived paintings, please click here or see the full list of gallery artists here.