Current Exhibitions

Now On: The Huge Winter Exhibition

Hundreds of new paintings by over 40 artists.


Red Brocade by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Winter's Song by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Follow by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Siam I by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Siam II by Stephanie Rew

Wren by Claire Harkess RSW (Sold)

Tawny by Claire Harkess RSW

Leopard by Claire Harkess RSW

Winter Glow, By the Tay by Jennifer Reid

Windswept Sand and Grasses by Jennifer Reid (Sold)

Summer Storm over Barley Fields by Jennifer Reid (Sold)

Summer Purples and Yellow by Jennifer Reid

Amongst the Tangled Hedgerow by Jennifer Reid

Late Sumer Foliage, Tay Estuary by Jennifer Reid

Ochre Field and Hedgerow by Jennifer Reid (Sold)

September Seeds and Sparrows by Jennifer Reid (Sold)

Alone on Barra by Douglas Roulston

Calgary Bay's Tearaway Light by Douglas Roulston (Sold)

Gott Bay, Tiree by Douglas Roulston (Sold)

That Wee Skye Cottage by Douglas Roulston (Sold)

Loch Lomond Into The Light by Douglas Roulston

Winter Sun Over Edinburgh by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

Royal Mile Glows by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

Starry Sky Grassmarket by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

Sunny Days in Culross by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

Pittenweem, Evening Pink by Nikki Monaghan

Silver Clouds over Cockburn Street by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

Winter Pink, Stirling by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

The Bass Haar by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

A Slice of Lomond by Gordon Wilson

Sainted Auntie by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

My Flaming June by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Polka Dot & Tea That's Hot by James Fraser RSW

Bather, Bullfinch & Brew by James Fraser RSW

Cakes Two, Nice Wee Brew by James Fraser RSW

A Wee Dram, Scones & Jam by James Fraser RSW

Did Someone Mention Pie by James Fraser RSW (Sold)

Daisy Dots by James Fraser RSW

Afternoon Delights by James Fraser RSW

Big Pot, Tea Pot by James Fraser RSW

Hotel Mambo (Miss E) by James Fraser RSW

Hotel Mambo (Miss M) by James Fraser RSW

Crataegus Oxyacantha In Excelsis by Robert Pereira Hind (Sold)

Autumn Prunus by Robert Pereira Hind (Sold)

Rhododendron Ponticum In Excelsis by Robert Pereira Hind

Prunus Serrulata In Excelsis II by Robert Pereira Hind (Sold)

Arboretum Autumn In Excelsis by Robert Pereira Hind (Sold)

Cordilyne Australis In Excelsis by Robert Pereira Hind (Sold)

The Wedding Table by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

The Gay Gordon by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

The Discussion by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Tam O'Shanter by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Homeward Bound by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Pas de Bas by Tim Cockburn

Church Hall Ceilidh by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Coffee by Tim Cockburn

Summer Swim IV by Iain Holman

Dive III by Iain Holman

Rise Study by Iain Holman

Reflect by Iain Holman

Jazz Hands by Paul Kennedy

Salumeria by Paul Kennedy

Mackerel with Chili and Lime by Paul Kennedy (Sold)

Lobster Study by Paul Kennedy

From Rialto with Love by Paul Kennedy

Reversal I by Cherylene Dyer

Reversal 2 by Cherylene Dyer

Based on Folklore by Cherylene Dyer

Teal Woody by Julie Brunn

The Yawn by Julie Brunn

Tangled by Julie Brunn

Gaze by Julie Brunn

Did You Say Bella? by Julie Brunn

Daisy by Julie Brunn

Benjy by Julie Brunn (Sold)

Bella and Willow by Julie Brunn

Loch Shiel by Lee Craigmile

Glenfinnan Viaduct by Lee Craigmile

Glen Etive by Lee Craigmile

First Light in Glencoe by Lee Craigmile

Self Portrait by the Clyde at Dusk by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Figs in Autumn Light by Sarah Margaret Gibson (Sold)

Tulip Bud by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Ivory Tulip Study by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Tea Time by Hanna Kaciniel

Sweetheart by Hanna Kaciniel

Royal Cake by Hanna Kaciniel (Sold)

Cherry Bakewell by Hanna Kaciniel

Two Eggs and a Feather by Brian Henderson

Teacakes and Wrapper by Brian Henderson

Speckled Egg and Falling Feather by Brian Henderson

Russet by Brian Henderson

Box of Pears by Brian Henderson

Blue Bowl by Brian Henderson

Highland Rapids by Lesley Skeates

Winter Burn by Lesley Skeates (Sold)

Lakeside Autumn by Lesley Skeates

Changeable Day by Lesley Skeates

Autumn at the Boating Lake by Lesley Skeates

Across the Lake by Lesley Skeates

Sunflowers in Striped Jug by Stuart Walters

Red Jug by Stuart Walters

Pears and Pink Pot by Stuart Walters

Flowers on Yellow Cloth by Stuart Walters (Sold)

Figs in Blue Bowl by Stuart Walters

Sunset Over the Bridges by Lesley Anne Derks

Orange Glow, Princes Street by Lesley Anne Derks (Sold)

Crouch End, Broadway by Night by Lesley Anne Derks

By The Sea by Fiona Millar

Summer Hilltop by Fiona Millar

Summer Field by Fiona Millar

Autumn Hill by Fiona Millar (Sold)

House on the Hill by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Heading Home by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Late Summer Shore by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Winter House by Fiona Millar

White Tulips by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Kitchen Table with Olive Oil by Sonia Barton

Moroccan Jug and Exotic Fruit by Sonia Barton

Pink Garlic by Sonia Barton

Peonies by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Peony Buds by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Quails Eggs by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Chestnut Mushrooms by Lindsay Turk

Jade Bowl by Lindsay Turk

Liberty Milk Jug by Lindsay Turk

Arrangement by Lindsay Turk

King Oyster with Chestnut and Shiitake by Lindsay Turk

Quails Eggs in Nest by Hilary Gauci

Plums, Cherries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

Cherries in Silver by Hilary Gauci

Peaches and Continental Silver by Hilary Gauci

Pears, Blueberries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

The Pink Shore by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Edge of the Forest by Ian McWhinnie

Beach Portrait by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Plum by Margaretann Bennett

Volta by Margaretann Bennett (Sold)

Windswept Redhead by Margaretann Bennett (Sold)

Kettle Collective by Margaretann Bennett

Sky Drop by Margaretann Bennett

Inlet by Margaretann Bennett

Morning Glow by Emma Davis RSW

Evening Fields and Poppies by Emma Davis RSW

Loch Leven, Glen Coe by Emma Davis RSW

Highland Heather by Emma Davis RSW (Sold)

Moonlight and Thistles by Emma Davis RSW

Winter White by Emma Davis RSW

The Winter Farmhouse by Jackie Henderson

Pockets Full of Pretty by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Betty and Doris by Jackie Henderson

The Tea Jenny by Jackie Henderson

The Blue Bowl by Jackie Henderson

The Girl on the Beach by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Fair Maids Tresses by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Betty and Doris in Autumn Attire by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Wallflower by Stanley Bird

Reverie by Stanley Bird (Sold)

Party Animal by Stanley Bird

Laird of the Rockery by Stanley Bird (Sold)

Daydreaming by Stanley Bird (Sold)

Baby Bird You're Gorgeous by Stanley Bird (Sold)

Sanderlings by Paul Bartlett

Bannerfish by Paul Bartlett

Waiting by Paul Bartlet

Spring Puffins by Paul Bartlett

Puffin Landing by Paul Bartlett (Sold)

Mountain Hare by Paul Bartlett (Sold)

Curious Robin by Paul Bartlett

Barn Owl by Paul Bartlett (Sold)

Follow The Line by Paul Bartlett

Greater Spotted Woodpecker by Paul Bartlett (Sold)

Shimmering Blue by Tricia Barna

Sunny Days II by Tricia Barna

Graceful Daisies by Tricia Barna (Sold)

Bea's Blushes by Tricia Barna (Sold)

Summer Gold by Alli Gray

Inner Shores by Alli Gray

Illumination by Alli Gray

Eventide by Alli Gray

Jordan in Lace by Bryan Evans

Hannah with her CND Tattoo by Bryan Evans

Sorcha in a Blue Head Scarf by Bryan Evans

In Stripes (Sepia) by Bryan Evans

Up and Down the Red Stairs in Dennistoun by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Plant Pot in Ochre by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Reflections on the Clyde by Bryan Evans

Sodium Lights & Secret Kisses by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Yn yr Hen Goleg - Aberystwyth by Bryan Evans

Reflections in Red by Bryan Evans

Coastline Memories by Linda Park

Ebb and Flow, Sanna Bay by Linda Park (Sold)

Overshadow, Gairloch Beach by Linda Park (Sold)

Still Before the Storm, Loch Bracadale by Linda Park

'Rugged', Overlooking the MacLeod's Tables by Linda Park (Sold)

Standing on the Shoreline, Mull of Kintyre by Linda Park (Sold)

A Winter Walk at Dalmeny by Linda Park

'Breakthrough', Loch Bracadale by Linda Park (Sold)

'Clarity', Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan by Linda Park (Sold)

Summer Haar Lifting, North Berwick by Linda Park

White Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

White Roses in a Glasgow Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie

Bright Sunflowers by Jennifer Mackenzie

Lilies in a Majolica Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie

Snowdrops by Jennifer Mackenzie

Tiny Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Blue Jug and Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Field Track, Embo by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Blue Sky, Mull Mountains, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Three Together, Crossapol Beach by Allison Young (Sold)

Low Tide Near Brock, Gott Bay by Allison Young (Sold)

Kirkapol House, Gott Bay by Allison Young

Deep Blue Sky, Vaul, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Mull from Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

A Touch of Tempest by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Hebridean Moment I by Philip Raskin

Hebridean Moment II by Philip Raskin

Distant Dunvegan by Philip Raskin

Shoreline Serenade by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Drifting & Dreaming by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Gazebo Nights by Jonathan Hood

24/7 Fuel by Jonathan Hood

Facetime 2 by Jonathan Hood

Scrubs by Jonathan Hood (Sold)

Resurrection by Jonathan Hood

Aberdour to Arthur's Seat by Catriona MacEachen (Sold)

Waves Roll In On Luskentyre Beach by Catriona MacEachen

Luskentyre Waves by Catriona MacEachen

Evening Reflections by Catriona MacEachen

Breaking Waves, Luskentyre Beach by Catriona MacEachen

Autumn Tide, Luskentyre by Catriona MacEachen

Wildflowers by Fiona Sturrock

Anemones by Fiona Sturrock

Lilies in an Antique Jug by Fiona Sturrock

White Roses on Rose Pink by Fiona Sturrock

Summer Bouquet by Fiona Sturrock

Garden Flowes on Mauve by Fiona Sturrock

Peach English Roses by Fiona Sturrock

Sunflowers by Fiona Sturrock

Crossing the Silver Sands by Rosanne Barr

View Down The Valley by Rosanne Barr

Sails Against The Sunset by Rosanne Barr

Morar Coast by Rosanne Barr

Five Ashore by Rosanne Barr

A Dusky Night Sky by Rosanne Barr (Sold)

Jessie by Sally Muir

Wiltshire by Sally Muir

Wiltshire From The Train by Sally Muir

Black Hound by Sally Muir

Doris by Sally Muir (Sold)

Bichon Frise by Sally Muir

Rooks by Sally Muir

Scruff by Sally Muir

Bruce by Sally Muir (Sold)

Nora by Sally Muir

Anemones by Mairi Stewart

Three by Mairi Stewart

Strawflowers by Mairi Stewart

Poppies by Mairi Stewart

Memory by Mairi Stewart (Sold)

Joy by Mairi Stewart

Fun by Mairi Stewart

Favourites by Mairi Stewart

Ailsa Squall by Martin Oates

Skye Trees by Martin Oates

Skye Gables by Martin Oates

Mull Night Sky by Martin Oates

Princes Street by Martin Oates

Clyde Low Sun by Martin Oates

Finnieston Crane and Loco by Martin Oates (Sold)

Clyde Shapes by Martin Oates

Clyde Ghosts by Martin Oates (Sold)

Edinburgh Winter Skyline by Martin Oates (Sold)

Perthshire First Snow by Martin Oates

Arran Rain by Martin Oates

Moon and Estuary, Low Tide by Michael Corsar

Moments of Reflection - The Light Beyond by Michael Corsar

Moments of Reflection - Days End by Michael Corsar

Late Summer Diptych by Michael Corsar

Amaranthine by Michael Corsar

As The Fires Go Out by Michael Corsar

Under Molten Skies by Michael Corsar

The Bridge by Ingrid Nilsson

Hidden Dragon by Ingrid Nilsson (Sold)

Stella Tiles by Ingrid Nilsson

The Swimmers by Ingrid Nilsson (Sold)

Sunrise Swim by Ingrid Nilsson (Sold)

Yakei by Ingrid Nilsson

Stella Geisha by Ingrid Nilsson (Sold)

Glencoe Spring Sun on the Three Sisters by Ann Armstrong

River Coe Gentle Flow by Ann Armstrong

Morar White Sands by Ann Armstrong

Winter Light Rannoch Moor by Ann Armstrong (Sold)

Glencoe Mists and Clouds by Ann Armstrong (Sold)

Glencoe Winter Light by Ann Armstrong (Sold)

Loch Lubnaig Morning Sun by Ann Armstrong

Loch Lubnaig Mists and Blues by Ann Armstrong (Sold)

Moonlight on Loch Morar by Ann Armstrong

Glencoe Autumn Trees by Ann Armstrong