Current Exhibitions

Please scroll down to see images of the paintings in the current exhibitions:

The Winter Show. Our biggest ever Winter Exhibition with new paintings by over 40 artists.

Just arrived: New paintings by several of our best selling artists.

Many of our artists have sold lots from this show, so have delivered new paintings just in time for Christmas.


Hummingbird i by Jamel Akib

Hummingbird ii by Jamel Akib

Hummingbird iii by Jamel Akib

Hummingbird iv by Jamel Akib (Sold)

Hummingbird v by Jamel Akib

Tiger i by Claire Harkess RSW

Tiger ii by Claire Harkess RSW

Leopard by Claire Harkess RSW

Drifting by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Golden Mantel by Stephanie Rew (Reserved)

Study for Floris Orientalis (Sold)

Hold by Rebecca Faulding

The Messenger by Ian McWhinnie

Low Tide by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Church, Andalusia by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Port Soy Morning by Ian McWhinnie

Bumblebee VII by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Bumblebee VIII by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Bumblebee IX by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Wildflowers by Emma S Davis

White Sands and Moonlight (North Uist) by Emma S Davis

Thistles and Moonlight (Skye) by Emma S Davis

Warmth on a Winter's Day by Stanley Bird

Regal Robin by Stanley Bird

Attempted Escape by Vega

At The Sea Loch's Shore by Vega

Installing Obedience by Vega

Hebridean Nostalgia by Vega

Strike a Pose by Susan Hutchison

Picasso's Pooch by Susan Hutchison

Dapper Dog by Susan Hutchison

Breton Style by Susan Hutchison

The Girl and the Goldfinch by Susan Hutchison

Tulips by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Little House Vase by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Daisies and Forget-Me-Nots by Fiona Millar

Blossom in a Jessie M King Jug Fiona Millar (Sold)

Autumn Cottage by Fiona Millar

Autumn Shore by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Galloway Winter by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Rufous Landing by Jamel Akib (Sold)

Rufous Glow by Jamel Akib (Sold)

Ruby Throated Hummingbird Ascending by Jamel Akib (Sold)

Jewel by Jamel Akib (Sold)

Hovering Rufous by Jamel Akib

Anna's Hummingbird in Flight by Jamel Akib (Sold)

Afternoon Light by Jamel Akib (Sold)

Glencoe Light by Jamel Akib

Morning Stag by Jamel Akib

Lady Luck by Georgina McMaster

Intermezzo by Georgina McMaster

Aria by Georgina McMaster

Stack of Wafers by Nicola McBride (Sold)

Tunnock's Trio by Nicola McBride (Sold)

Crackers and Grapes by Nicola McBride

Antique Gobstoppers by Nicola McBride

Dynamic Duo by Nicola McBride (Sold)

Dark Tunnocks Stack by Nicola McBride

Pink Roses by Fiona Sturrock (Sold)

Ranunculus and Daises by Fiona Sturrock

Autumn Arrangement by Fiona Sturrock

Peonies and Strawberries by Fiona Sturrock

White Peonies by Fiona Sturrock

Garden Flowers by Fiona Sturrock (Sold)

The Meeting by Jonathan Hood

Tick Tock Grub by Jonathan Hood

The Sofa of Dreaming by Jonathan Hood

Sleepwalker by Jonathan Hood

Moonbathers by Jonathan Hood

Happy Face by Jonathan Hood

Narcissus by Jonathan Hood (Sold)

Clowns and Jokers by Jonathan Hood (Sold)

Pomegranates and White Rose by Hilary Gauci

Pears, Blueberries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

Peaches, Cherries and Silver by Hilary Gauci (Sold)

Autumn Harvest by Hilary Gauci

"Home!" by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Whisky Drinkers by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Nightcap by Tim Cockburn

The Green Chesterfield by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Kitchen Tango by Tim Cockburn

Under and Through II by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

The Rivals by Tim Cockburn

Green Tartan Trews by Tim Cockburn

Under and Through I by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

The Dashing White Sergeant by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Winter Loch by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Morning Gift by Amanda Phillips

Fractals by Patsy McArthur

Pedestal II by Patsy McArthur

Infinity Pool Study by Patsy McArthur (Reserved)

Cascada by Patsy McArthur

Gaze by Julie Brunn (Sold)

Elegance by Julie Brunn

Red Squirrel by Julie Brunn (Sold)

Hopeful Willow by Julie Brunn

Herbert by Julie Brunn

Humphrey by Julie Brunn

Pensive by Julie Brunn (Sold)

Flat Out by Julie Brunn

Twilight Beckons by Michael Corsar (Sold)

Late Summer Sunset 4 by Michael Corsar

Late Summer Sunset 2 by Michael Corsar (Sold)

October Dawn by Michael Corsar

Pear by Andrew Thompson (Sold)

Pears by Andrew Thompson

Lemon & Skimmia by Andrew Thompson (Sold)

Two Easy Peelers by Andrew Thompson

Winter Crow (Pollok Park) by Ian Elliot (Sold)

Roadside Fence (Perthshire) by Ian Elliot

Frosty Field (Perthshire) by Ian Elliot

Morning (Pollok Park) by Ian Elliot (Sold)

Backwater Calm, Mallorca by Ian Elliot

Hillside Casa, Mallorca by Ian Elliot

Ayrshire View by Ian Elliot

Roadside Poppies by Ian Elliot

A New Dawn by Ian Elliot

Splash of Summer by Ian Elliot (Sold)

Sunflowers by Ian Elliot

Christmas Table by Ian Elliot

Plant Pots in a Dennistoun Close by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Ochre Wood-Panelled Close by Bryan Evans

Dusk Falling on Kelvingrove Bowling Green by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Down by Law by Bryan Evans

Dunoon Pier at Dusk by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Bunting at Dusk - Dunoon by Bryan Evans

Early Evening & Long Shadows - Kelvingrove by Bryan Evans

Autumn at Glasgow University by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Not Quite Narcissus - Jasmine in Govan by Bryan Evans

'In Stripes' by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Kirsten Ponders by Bryan Evans

Jasmine in Profile by Bryan Evans

Henry by Helen Fay

Ready II by Helen Fay (Sold)

Patience by Helen Fay (Sold)

Little Arthur by Helen Fay

Caspar by Helen Fay

Vespa by Helen Fay

Sinbad by Helen Fay

After the Walk by Helen Fay

Winter Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Turquoise and Crimson by Jennifer Mackenzie

Pale Pink Roses by Jennifer Mackenzie

Sparkling Red Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

White Roses in a Blue Vase by Jennifer Mackenzie

Tulip Fiesta by Jennifer Mackenzie

Winter Roses by Jennifer Mackenzie

Jug of White Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Turbulence by Linda Park

Calm Waters, North Berwick Beach by Linda Park (Sold)

Sunset Bay, Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Fusion by Linda Park

Ebb and Flow, North Berwick Beach by Linda Park

Windswept by Linda Park (Sold)

Foreboding Skies, Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Winds Swirling Down Glen Sligachan, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Waning Summer Moon by Deborah Phillips

Summer Thunder by Deborah Phillips

Summer Squall at Fordelhill by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Rusty Byres by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Sandend Moon by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Little Ferry Daisies, Loch Fleet by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Breezy Beach Huts, Earlsferry by Deborah Phillips

Boats and Creels, Johnshaven by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Autumn at Brunton by Deborah Phillips

Rathillet Russet by Deborah Phillips

Moon Over Jemimaville and Udale Bay by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Calm Craigowl Evening by Deborah Phillips

Linden Green Landscape by Deborah Phillips

Burn at Achiltibuie by Deborah Phillips

Ethiehaven by Deborah Phillips

Fishing Boat Bobbing by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Winter House by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

The Tea Jenny by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

The Girl with Roses in Her Hair by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

A Weakness for Wallpaper by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Betty by Sally Muir

Black Labrador by Sally Muir

Black Hound by Sally Muir

Lurcher by Sally Muir

Lying Galgos by Sally Muir (Sold)

Buttercup by Sally Muir (Sold)

Sitting Dog by Sally Muir (Sold)


Staffy Puppy by Sally Muir

The Shore Near Hopeman by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Morning Tide Portrait by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Shoreline Burghead by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

The Red Thread by Cherylene Dyer

Changing Skies by Cherylene Dyer

Revolving by Cherylene Dyer

Old Bea and Bee by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Big Skye Birds by Gordon Wilson

Three Lums Alight, Arran by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Big Ailsa by Gordon Wilson

Pink Tights, West Coast by Gordon Wilson

White Flag Farm by Gordon Wilson

Flowerline, Gargunnock by Gordon Wilson

The Old Birds of Stirling by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Sun Down, Moon Up, Fintry by Gordon Wilson

Chaotic Snowdrops by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Reflections, Mull by Martin Oates (Sold)

Finnieston Crane by Martin Oates (Sold)

Clyde Sundown by Martin Oates (Sold)

Clyde Bunnets by Martin Oates (Sold)

Night Sky, Arran by Martin Oates

Summer Warmth, Clapham Sands, North Uist by Nicola Wakeling

Catching Clouds, Vallay Strand, North Uist by Nicola Wakeling

Jumping Wren by Claire Harkess RSW

Redwing Amongst Waxwings by Claire Harkess RSW (Sold)

Midsummer Night Song by Claire Harkess RSW

Black Headed Gull by Claire Harkess RSW

Tay Heron by Claire Harkess RSW

Trail to the High Loch by Vega (Sold)

The Sundowners by Vega (Sold)

Fresh Tracks by Vega (Sold)

Secluded Croft by Vega

Ossian by Lindsay Turk

Bumblebee V by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Bumblebee VI by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

A Gathering of Sails at Sea by Rosanne Barr

Sundown and Poppies Ashore by Rosanne Barr (Sold)

Storm Clouds are Clearing by Rosanne Barr

Scattered Rocks by Rosanne Barr (Sold)

North Sea Froth and Foam by Rosanne Barr

The Cat & The Canary by James Fraser RSW

Blackbird, Brew & Cherries Too by James Fraser RSW

It's Shoetime by James Fraser RSW

Bullfinch, Banana & Brew by James Fraser RSW

Tit Bits by James Fraser RSW

The Wee Red Vase by James Fraser RSW (Sold)

Tea & Te by James Fraser RSW

Sunbeams & Ice Creams by James Fraser RSW

Net Values by James Fraser RSW

People Watching by James Fraser RSW (Sold)

Birds of a Feather & Lucky White Heather by James Fraser RSW

Coffee, Tea or Me by James Fraser RSW

Loch Shiel by Ann Armstrong

Loch Linhe by Ann Armstrong

Glencoe, Two Sisters by Ann Armstrong (Sold)

The Hermitage by Ann Armstrong

Loch Lubnaig by Ann Armstrong

Loch Morar Sunset by Ann Armstrong

Arisaig, Traigh Beach by Ann Armstrong

Lochailort by Ann Armstrong

Empty Beach, Gott Bay, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Windy Day at Balemartine, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

To The Beach, Vaul, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Sea Pinks, Blue Sky, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Wild Irises, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Two Together, Balephetrish, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Spotted House, Gott Bay, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

House at Balephetrish, Tiree by Allison Young

Bright Blue Sky, Balephuil, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

An Evening Sunset Somewhere You'd Love To Be by Grace Cameron (Sold)

Christmas in the Cuillins by Grace Cameron (Sold)

Glencoe, Early Evening Mist by Grace Cameron (Sold)

Evening Walk at Arisaig by Grace Cameron

The View from Dornie by Grace Cameron (Sold)

Moonlight over Buachaille by Grace Cameron

Peace over Buachaille by Grace Cameron

Sisters Dance with Aurora by Grace Cameron

Early Summer in Elie by Catriona MacEachen

Towards Taransay by Catriona MacEachen

Evening Light on Loch Lomond by Catriona MacEachen

Archie by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Yellow Eyes by Joyce Gunn Cairns (Sold)

The Pedigree of Honey by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Boxing Hares by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Roses in White Vase by Kevin McFall

Two Roses by Kevin McFall

Rose in a Glass by Kevin McFall

Fishbowl by Kevin McFall

Avalanche Rose by Kevin McFall

Study for 'Morgana' by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Reine D'Or by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

No More Turning Away by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Dance the Dream by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

All that Whispers by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Winter Hills by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Sienna by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Interior by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Raven in Red by Margaretann Bennett (Sold)

Red Collar by Margaretann Bennett

Dark Tresses by Margaretann Bennett

Pink Shrug and Piano by Margaretann Bennett (Sold)

The Squash Patch by Helen Tabor

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

Girl with a Bouquet by Helen Tabor (Sold)

Snow Girl 4 by Helen Tabor

Snow Girl 3 by Helen Tabor (Sold)

Picking Spring Flowers by Helen Tabor

Vacation by Iain Holman

Visitor III by Iain Holman

Veil by Iain Holman

Spectator by Iain Holman

Brothers in Arms by Peter Nardini

Hopscotch by Peter Nardini

Here I Come by Peter Nardini (Sold)

Lavender by Sally Gatie

Ruby Bloom by Sally Gatie

Indian Summer X by Sally Gatie (Sold)

Indian Summer VIII by Sally Gatie

Indian Summer IX by Sally Gatie

Hippy Chic by Sally Gatie

Polar by Gill Walton (Sold)

The Marchesa by Gill Walton

Adeola in Lockdown 2 by Gill Walton

Adeola in Lockdown 1 by Gill Walton

Fluffy Pink Clouds by Gill Walton