Current Exhibitions

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Deborah Phillips. New paintings.

"The Figure": Our annual exhibition of figurative paintings.

"Autumn Exhibition": Introducing several new artists, together with new paintings by gallery regulars.

Weekly Featured Artist:  Hanna Kaciniel

Now On: Deborah Phillips


Waning Summer Moon

Summer Thunder

Summer Squall at Fordelhill (Sold)

Rusty Byres

Sandend Moon

Little Ferry Daisies, Loch Fleet (Sold)

Breezy Beach Huts, Earlsferry

Boats and Creels, Johnshaven

Autumn at Brunton

Rathillet Russet

Moon Over Jemimaville and Udale Bay

Calm Craigowl Evening

Linden Green Landscape

Burn at Achiltibuie


Now On: Figurative Exhibition


Golden Filigree by Stephanie Rew

Duchesse Lace by Stephanie Rew

Dance the Dream by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Reine D'Or by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

La Tulle Noir by Stephanie Rew

Study for 'Morgana' by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

All that Whispers by Stephanie Rew

No More Turning Away by Stephanie Rew

Taking Flight by Stephanie Rew

Interior by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Sienna by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Winter Hills by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Pink Shrug and Piano by Margaretann Bennett (Sold)

Raven in Red by Margaretann Bennett

Red Collar by Margaretann Bennett

Dark Tresses by Margaretann Bennett

Visitor III by Iain Holman

Veil by Iain Holman

Spectator by Iain Holman

Vacation by Iain Holman

Indian Summer X by Sally Gatie (Sold)

Indian Summer VIII by Sally Gatie

Indian Summer IX by Sally Gatie

Hippy Chic by Sally Gatie

Lavender by Sally Gatie

Ruby Bloom by Sally Gatie

Picking Spring Flowers by Helen Tabor

Girl with a Bouquet by Helen Tabor (Sold)

Snow Girl 4 by Helen Tabor

Snow Girl 3 by Helen Tabor

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

The Squash Patch by Helen Tabor

Moscow Dawn by Jennifer Anderson

Return by Jennifer Anderson

Hunger by Jennifer Anderson

Hot Sun by Jennifer Anderson

A Stitch to Wear by Jennifer Anderson

Yesterday by Jennifer Anderson

Deliverance by Jennifer Anderson

Arrangement in Brown and White by Walter Awlson

Here I Come by Peter Nardini

Brothers in Arms by Peter Nardini

Hopscotch by Peter Nardini

The Marchesa by Gill Walton

Fluffy Pink Clouds by Gill Walton

Polar by Gill Walton (Sold)

Adeola in Lockdown 2 by Gill Walton

Adeola in Lockdown 1 by Gill Walton

Winter Flowers by Cherylene Dyer

Weightless by Cherylene Dyer

Before by Cherylene Dyer

Hand Me Down Dress by Cherylene Dyer

Now On: Autumn Exhibition

Featuring paintings by several artists new to the gallery: Paul Kennedy, Jonathan Stockley, Aliisa Hyslop and Nicola Wakeling; together with a collection of new paintings by some of our regular gallery artists.

Sea Music i by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Music ii by Aliisa Hyslop

An Evening Out With Cats by Aliisa Hyslop

The Midnight Garden by Aliisa Hyslop

Underneath the Dancing Tree by Aliisa Hyslop

Underneath the Wishing Tree by Aliisa Hyslop

The Tree of Love by Aliisa Hyslop

Malarochy Bay by Paul Kennedy

Boy and Pigeon by Paul Kennedy

Digby by Paul Kennedy

Piper by Paul Kennedy

Lucy by Paul Kennedy

Only Me by Paul Kennedy

Coo by Paul Kennedy

Tyne Bridge by Jonathan Stockley

Merchant Lane by Jonathan Stockley

Wood Pigeon by Jonathan Stockley

Malta Door by Jonathan Stockley

Vapour Fragments by Scott Naismith

Reciprocal Colour by Scott Naismith

Hebridean Clarity V by Scott Naismith (Sold)

Hebridean Clarity IV by Scott Naismith

Clarity in Chaos VI by Scott Naismith

Looking Out to Sea by Linda Park

Sun Through the Haze, Redpoint Beach by Linda Park (Sold)

Sculpted Beach, Camas Daraich by Linda Park

Warm Skies over Cold Sea, Loch Bracadale by Linda Park

Walking the Boardwalk, Cap Ferret by Linda Park

Retreating Storm, Elgol, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Sanna Bay Sunset by Linda Park

Three Lums Alight, Arran by Gordon Wilson

Separation Anxiety by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Pink Tights, West Coast by Gordon Wilson

White Flag Farm by Gordon Wilson

Chaotic Snowdrops by Gordon Wilson

Flowerline, Gargunnock by Gordon Wilson

Blue Hills and Bluebells by Fiona Millar

Galloway Evening by Fiona Millar

Heading Home by Fiona Millar

Bluebells in a Beltie Jug by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Cornflowers by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Chinese Lanterns by Fiona Millar (Sold)

End of the Line by Vega

Enforced Policing by Vega (Sold)

Track to the Isles by Vega

Heat Lightning by Vega

The Sands of Time by Philip Raskin

Stornoway Approach by Philip Raskin

Gentle on My Mind by Philip Raskin

Highlighting the amazing work of one of our regular gallery artists.

This week's Featured Artist: Hanna Kaciniel


Double Act

A Bowl of Cherries

Taste of Summer

A Bowl of Plums

Sucker for You