Current Exhibitions

Now On: The Summer Show (Part II)

Over July and August we have a rolling Summer Exhibition, with new paintings coming in throughout the show.

We are currently highlighting still lives and will be featuring landscapes in Part III.  Please come back soon to see what's new!

Temperance by Stephanie Pijper

Radiance by Stephanie Pijper

Courage by Stephanie Pijper

Cheerfulness by Stephanie Pijper

Candour by Stephanie Pijper

Mother by Stephanie Pijper

Nobility by Stephanie Pijper

Maji by Stephanie Pijper

Roses in Whisky Glass by Mike Service

Anemones I by Mike Service

Marigolds in Glass Pot by Mike Service (Sold)

Anemones II by Mike Service

Clematis in Glass Jar by Mike Service (Reserved)

Roses in a Glass Bottle by Mike Service

Anemones III by Mike Service

Marigolds in Milk Bottle by Mike Service

Red Spotted Vase by Jane Walker

Orange Table by Jane Walker

Lily and Purple by Jane Walker

Diamond Jug by Jane Walker

Red & White by Brian Henderson

Diva on Blocks by Brian Henderson

Lemons & Leaves by Brian Henderson

Four Nectarines by Brian Henderson

Eight Plums, One Nectarine by Brian Henderson

Snowdrops & Kaleidoscopic Blind by Gordon Wilson

Poppies & Dark Vase by Gordon Wilson

Pansies & The Dark Vase by Gordon Wilson

The Real Malt Teaser by Hanna Kaciniel

Ginger by Hanna Kaciniel (Sold)

Need Comforting by Hanna Kaciniel (Sold)

Foiled to Impress by Hanna Kaciniel (Sold)

Double Act by Hanna Kaciniel

Sucker For You by Hanna Kaciniel

Pears II by Andrew Thompson

Flambe Glazed Bottle Vase by Andrew Thompson

Aubergine by Andrew Thompson

Primula by Andrew Thompson

Plums by Andrew Thompson

Current Exhibition: The Summer Show (Part 1)

Over July and August we have a rolling Summer Exhibition, with new paintings coming in throughout the show.

We will be highlighting still lives and landscapes as well as featuring new artists.  Please come back soon to see what's new!

Woodland Floor by Lynsey Ewan

Purple Detail by Lynsey Ewan

Pink Lilies by Lynsey Ewan

Geranium by Lynsey Ewan

Cornflowers by Lynsey Ewan

Columbine by Lynsey Ewan

Summer Warmth II by Lynn McGregor RSW

Around the Loch by Lynn McGregor RSW

Frosty Path by Lynn McGregor RSW

February Sky by Lynn McGregor RSW

Summer Hawthorns by Lynn McGregor RSW

Otter by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Cat with Spider by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Hare by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Solitude in Sleep by Bryan Evans

Becky's Back in Blue by Bryan Evans

Bits n Bikes by Bryan Evans

The Red Stairs, Dennistoun by Bryan Evans (Reserved)

Southside Reds & Ochres by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Reflections on Battlefield Rest by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Autumn Colours on Horselethill Road by Bryan Evans

Lights & Reflections Down Ashton Lane by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Lighting Up by Bryan Evans

Poppies in a Green Close by Bryan Evans (Reserved)

Pitfichie Castle, Late Summer by Francis Boag

Old Ury House by Francis Boag

Landscape Burgundy by Francis Boag

Kilchurn Spring by Francis Boag

Loch Achtriochtan Spring Colour by Ann Armstrong (Sold)

Glencoe Autumn Hues by Ann Armstrong

Glen Etive, Winter Gloom by Ann Armstrong (Sold)

Buachaille Etive Mor by Ann Armstrong

Winter Light, Glencoe by Ann Armstrong

Two Sisters, Dark Clouds by Ann Armstrong

Morar Sands Approaching Rain by Ann Armstrong

Loch Morar Mists and Blues by Ann Armstrong

Ramsay Gardens by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

Morning Glow over Circus Lane by Nikki Monaghan

Evening Sky, Culross by Nikki Monaghan

Potted Plants in Culross by Nikki Monaghan

A Trip by Cockburn Street by Nikki Monaghan

To The High Headland by Vega

Shore Grazing by Vega

Overwhelming Force by Vega

Gateway to the Pool by Vega

Compatibility by Vega

Towards New Pasture by Vega (Sold)

Weather by Sally Muir

Lexi by Sally Muir

Larry by Sally Muir (Sold)

Bramble 2 by Sally Muir

Marsh Landscape by Sally Muir

Stormy Night by Paul Kennedy

Eye Spy by Paul Kennedy

Blush by Paul Kennedy

The Tangaroa by Paul Kennedy

Harbour Colours by Paul Kennedy

All Sorts by Paul Kennedy

Mixed Bouquet by Fiona Sturrock

Mixed Ranunculus by Fiona Sturrock

Peonies by Fiona Sturrock

Orange Roses by Fiona Sturrock (Sold)

Pansies by Fiona Sturrock

Foliage Arrangement by Fiona Sturrock

White Ranunculus by Fiona Sturrock (Sold)

Dahlias by Fiona Sturrock

Hydrangeas and Figs by Fiona Sturrock

Daisies by Fiona Sturrock

Better Together by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

Sent with Love by Emma S Davis RSW PAI (Sold)

Sunnyside by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

Peonies and Eucalyptus by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

Tournesol by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

Thistles, Isle of Skye by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

Celebration by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

Nature's Gifts by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

East Neuk Poppies and Gold by Emma S Davis RSW PAI

Sun Poppies by Sonia Barton

Apple Blossom with Green Bowl by Sonia Barton

First Light by Sonia Barton

Hydrangea in a Green Jug by Sonia Barton

Daffodils and Ikat by Sonia Barton (Sold)

Chasing the Sun by Sonia Barton

Daisies and Japanese Cup by Sonia Barton

Strawflowers by Mairi Stewart (Sold)

Wild Collection by Mairi Stewart

Primula by Mairi Stewart (Sold)

Three Vases by Mairi Stewart

Anemones by Mairi Stewart (Sold)

Red Blind and Eryngium by Mairi Stewart

Freshly Picked by Mairi Stewart

Pinks on Pink by Mairi Stewart

Red Delicious by Jennifer Mackenzie

Lilies and Orange by Jennifer Mackenzie (Reserved)

Last of the Summer by Jennifer Mackenzie

White Flowers in a Stripy Mug by Jennifer Mackenzie

Summer Bunch by Jennifer Mackenzie

Crocuses by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

White Lilies by Jennifer Mackenzie (Reserved)

Red Pears with Japanese Bowl by Stuart Walters (Sold)

Sunflowers with Blackbird by Stuart Walters

Two Pink Teacups by Stuart Walters

Green Striped Pot by Stuart Walters (Sold)

Tulips in Blue Striped Jug by Stuart Walters (Sold)

Blue and White Flowers by Stuart Walters (Sold)

Sunflowers, Plums and Figs by Stuart Walters

Sunflowers with Square Pot by Stuart Walters (Sold)