Aliisa Hyslop

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The Musical Sea

Songs for the Sea

The Ballad of You and Me

Once Upon A Time In The West

Midnight Cowboy

Through The Woods

Guns and Roses

Sea Salsa

Captain Cat

Sea Roses

Sea Dancers

Sea Cats





Aliisa Hyslop

Aliisa Hyslop was born in 1957 of Finnish / Scottish parentage. She attended college in Portsmouth, obtaining a BA Hons in Fine Art (Drawing and Painting) in 1981. Since then she has lived and worked in Edinburgh, developing her own particular style of figurative painting. She has exhibited in many solo and group shows throughout this country and abroad, with much success; her paintings have touched people from all walks of life with their particular mix of joy and melancholy.


She has drawn on folk-lore and childhood memories of visits to relatives in the forests of south east Finland. The Finnish strength of character and silent fortitude come across in her paintings, as does the stillness of the seasons. 'I'm drawn to the melancholy, the darker side; sometimes pictures, like music, express things that cannot be expressed in words'.


Feelings, moods and emotions are portrayed in poetic imagery, and in a dream-like way, are visual expressions of a deeper experience. Aliisa does not use models; her inspiration is her imagination and experience. She paints "a world somewhere between reality and imagination." Her figures are always large but Aliisa does not see them as fat. "I draw and paint intuitively, and I like large shapes and curves. I think perhaps it is because these images are about the soul, which is immense and boundless."