Landscape and Seascape Paintings

Available landscape and seascape paintings. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

A Stunning Sunset by Rosanne Barr

In Love with Arisaig by Rosanne Barr

At the Coast at Sunset by Rosanne Barr

North Atlantic Swell by Rosanne Barr

Lucid Spring by Amanda Phillips

Dawn Dissolve by Amanda Phillips

Summer Rain Over Carse of Stirling by Amanda Phillips

Around the Loch by Lynn McGregor RSW

Summer Warmth II by Lynn McGregor RSW

Summer Hawthorns by Lynn McGregor RSW

Frosty Path by Lynn McGregor RSW

February Sky by Lynn McGregor RSW

To Stirling from Whins of Milton by Allison Young

Pale Blue Day, Crossapol, Tiree by Allison Young

White Cottage near Soa, Gott Bay, Tiree by Allison Young

Beach After Rain, Crossapol, Tiree by Allison Young

White House at Crossapol by Allison Young

House at Balephetrish, Tiree by Allison Young

Yachts, North Berwick by Allison Young

Stirling from Dumyat by Allison Young

Wildflowers, Back O' Hill, Stirling by Allison Young

From The Bridge, Aberlady by Allison Young

Sun's Rays, Aberfeldy by Allison Young

3 Sisters, Glencoe by Allison Young

Misty Morning, Wallace Monument and the Ochils by Allison Young

King's Knot from Stirling Castle by Allison Young

Inch of Leckie, Near Kippen, Stirling by Allison Young

Harvest Fields Near Gargunnock by Allison Young

Green Fields, Stirling by Allison Young

From the Back Knot by Allison Young

Big Sky, The Green, Tiree by Allison Young

Coastal Romance by Philip Raskin

Last Light on Loch Earn by Catriona MacEachen

Evening Light, Glasgow University by Catriona MacEachen

Evening Light on Loch Lomond by Catriona MacEachen

Offerings of Shells. Ardubh by Nicole Stevenson

Offerings of Flowers. Ardubh by Nicole Stevenson

Pale Light in Rothesay by Nicole Stevenson

Marina Reflections. Rothesay by Nicole Stevenson

Faded Promenade. Rothesay by Nicole Stevenson

Offerings of Ribbons and Charms. Ardubh by Nicole Stevenson

Heart of Auchmithie by Grace Cameron

Orange Glow at Bellanoch, Crinan by Grace Cameron

Angel Over Rannoch by Grace Cameron

Magenta Flow by Scott Naismith

Hebridean Geometry by Scott Naismith

Golden Glow Study by Scott Naismith

Archetype of Potential 2 by Scott Naismith

Flow State Study I by Scott Naismith

Barra Sunset Fragments by Scott Naismith

Light of Intuition by Scott Naismith

Catching Clouds, Vallay Strand, North Uist by Nicola Wakeling

Summer Warmth, Clapham Sands, North Uist by Nicola Wakeling

Thistles, Isle of Skye by Emma S Davis

East Neuk Poppies and Gold by Emma S Davis

The Golden Hour by Emma S Davis

Pitfichie Castle, Late Summer by Francis Boag

Old Ury House by Francis Boag

Landscape Burgundy by Francis Boag

Kilchurn Spring by Francis Boag

Quietly Over There by Claire Beattie

Late Late Afternoon Shadows by Claire Beattie

In The Warmth by Claire Beattie

A Moment of Brightness by Claire Beattie

Glencoe Autumn Hues by Ann Armstrong

Morar Sands Approaching Rain by Ann Armstrong

Buachaille Etive Mor by Ann Armstrong

Loch Morar Mists and Blues by Ann Armstrong

Two Sisters Dark Clouds by Ann Armstrong

Winter Light Glencoe by Ann Armstrong

Home Farm by Alastair Laing

Fields of Green and Gold by Alastair Laing

The Badly Ploughed Field by Alastair Laing

A Calmness in the Air by Tricia Barna

Hazy Shades of Spring by Tricia Barna

Whispers on the Horizon by Tricia Barna

Lighting Up by Bryan Evans

St Enoch's Shopping by Bryan Evans

Bits n Bikes by Bryan Evans

Autumn Colours on Horselethill Road by Bryan Evans

Bunting at Dusk, Dunoon by Bryan Evans

Late Sunlight in Patrick by Bryan Evans

Dusk on the Angel Building by Bryan Evans

Weather by Sally Muir

Marsh Landscape by Sally Muir

Bass Rock by Sally Muir

The Water of Leith by Lesley Anne Derks

View from Blackness (Study) by Lesley Anne Derks

Study of Blackness Castle by Lesley Anne Derks

After the Storm by Helen Tabor

Snow Flurry in Crail by Nikki Monaghan

Potted Plants in Culross by Nikki Monaghan

Haggling, Albufeira by Ian Elliot

Boys at the Gelateria by Ian Elliot

Aldea Vieja by Ian Elliot

Ayrshire Farmland by Ian Elliot

Spring Collection, Ayrshire by Ian Elliot

Sprawling Marina, Mallorca by Ian Elliot

Provencal Vista by Ian Elliot

Iced Fields by Ian Elliot

Across Fields I by Amanda Phillips

Across Fields II by Amanda Phillips

Coastal Wandering I by Amanda Phillips

Coastal Wandering II by Amanda Phillips

Red Sky at Night I by Amanda Phillips

Red Sky at Night II by Amanda Phillips

Morning Sky I by Amanda Phillips

Morning Sky II by Amanda Phillips

High Water, Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Shoreline at Nightfall by Linda Park

Light and Shade at Camas Daraich, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Shore Croft by Martin Oates

Clyde Cranes 2 by Martin Oates

Clyde Yard, Last Light by Martin Oates

Glasgow University Dawn by Martin Oates

Peaky Clydesiders by Martin Oates

Clyde Greens 1 by Martin Oates

Clyde Greens 2 by Martin Oates

November Moon, Argyll by Martin Oates

Anderston Winter by Martin Oates

Villa, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Torricella, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Summer Field, Umbria by Peter Nardini

Glasgow Blue by Peter Nardini

Farmhouses, Tuoro, Umbria by Peter Nardini

Tidal Pasture by Vega

Gateway to the Pool by Vega

Compatibility by Vega

Solitude by Vega

Retreat by Vega

Shore Grazing by Vega

Overwhelming Force by Vega

Approaching Squall by Vega

Baulking by Vega

Abandoned Bothy by Vega

A Safe Crossing by Vega

End of the Line by Vega

The High Headland by Vega

Attempted Escape by Vega

Installing Obedience by Vega

Fresh Fields Ahead by Vega

Destination Ahead by Vega

Evening Serenity by Vega

Indifference by Vega

Tidal Dash by Vega

The Searchers by Vega

Moments of Reflection 6 by Michael Corsar

Late Summer Sunset 5 by Michael Corsar

Sunset in Gold by Michael Corsar

Late Summer Sunset 4 by Michael Corsar

Kilchoan by Michael Corsar

Late Summer Sunset, Kilchoan by Michael Corsar

Moments of Reflection 5 by Michael Corsar

October Dawn by Michael Corsar

Still Dawn by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Going Somewhere by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Old Friends by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Rose Water by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Interweave by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Somewhere the Sun is Shining by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Return of the Native by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Zodiac by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Sky Song by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Barnscape by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Evening Glow by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Dancing Trees by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Woodland Ways by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Tide Marks by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Remember This Moment by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Blue Hues by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Homestead by Sarah Ross-Thompson

The Rockier Road by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Alone on a Hill by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Cool Dusk, Hot Fields by Deborah Phillips

Near Lordscairnie and Moonzie by Deborah Phillips

Mither Tap Poppies by Deborah Phillips

Colinsburgh Autumn Sun by Deborah Phillips

Cottages at Kilconquhar by Deborah Phillips

Dull Day Near Comrie by Deborah Phillips

Mearns Mustard Sunset by Deborah Phillips

We Furrows Near Elie by Deborah Phillips

Stubble at Bell Rock Cottage by Deborah Phillips

Sidlaw Turquoise Twilight by Deborah Phillips

Schiehallion Lilac by Deborah Phillips

Rusty Moon by Deborah Phillips

Peacehill to the Tay by Deborah Phillips

Pastel Moon by Deborah Phillips

Black Birdtable Gardenstown by Deborah Phillips

North Sea Breakers by Deborah Phillips

Ailsa Craig Sparkle by Deborah Phillips

Harbour Colours by Paul Kennedy

All Sorts by Paul Kennedy

The Tangaroa by Paul Kennedy

Stormy Night by Paul Kennedy

Biscayne Bay by Madeleine Gardiner

Summer Thermals by Madeleine Gardiner

Luminance by Madeleine Gardiner

Gilded Glade by Madeleine Gardiner

Camusdarach by Shazia Mahmood

Loch Hourn by Shazia Mahmood

The Old Man of Storr by Shazia Mahmood

Rum and Eigg Sunset by Shazia Mahmood