White Sands Mellon Udrigle Beach by Gail Pope

Image: 45cm x 55cm
Frame: 61cm x 73cm

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Gail Pope Artist

​Gail Pope has been a professional artist for over 15 years, and exhibits her paintings throughout the UK. Working mostly in acrylics, her primary influence is colour, with tonal harmony and perhaps the odd colour clash being an underlying feature. Depending on the effect she aims to produce, she often goes beyond the use of the paintbrush, using sponges, pallet knives, tissues, gold leaf, pen and ink, and even fingers. Texture and layering, particularly on backgrounds, sets an important foundation.

Gail says: “Initially focused on still life (florals in particular), over time I began to expand my subject matter to include landscapes, seascapes, and occasionally, portraits. Also, I really enjoy abstract work where I find the freedom and random nature of it both fascinating and creatively fulfilling. It is fascinating to see a blank canvas evolve into something totally not preconceived; progress is natural, often contemplative along the way, occasionally emerging from ‘happy accidents’. Yet, always, the choice of colour pallet and tonal harmony is foremost in my mind. I tend to consider a painting ‘finished’ only when I would gladly hang it on my own walls at home.”