Leigh Fotheringham Jewellery.

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Leigh Fotheringham

Leigh Fotheringham Jewellery

Leigh creates the most stunning and unique jewellery.  The award winning jeweller graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 1990 with a First Class Honours Degree in jewellery design.  She was awarded the Incorporation of Hammermen Award in 1990 and the Carole Harper Memorial Award in 1989.  

Leigh has always been committed to combining innovative design with traditional goldsmithing techniques.  She believes there is no substitute for making a piece of jewellery entirely by hand from start to finish. Her designs are classic and elegant with a contemporary feel and she always uses precious metals, unusual gemstones and beautiful coloured pearls.  She uses many different gemstones in her silver and gold jewellery.   Leigh often incorporaties many different cuts and styles of stones and pearls in a single design.  Coloured gemstones like pink sapphires, green tourmalines, tanzanites, rhodolite garnets, blue topaz, yellow beryls, amethsyts and peridots all feature regularly in her rings, necklaces and earrings.  She frequently sets the coloured gemstones alongside stunning pearls in many colours from white to the deepest pink.  Leigh also makes outstanding gold jewellery again featuring unusual precious gemstones like sapphires and tanzanites alongside high quality diamonds. Each unique piece is contemporary in design yet timeless.

Leigh Fotheringham has been a full time jewellery designer and maker for 27 years.  Over her long career she has exhibited in many of the UK's best contemporary galleries including Roger Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow, SH Jewellery Gallery in Edinburgh, Colours Gallery in Edinburgh, Compass Gallery in Glasgow, Crawford Art Centre in St. Andrews and many others.  She has also shown at the Royal Scottish Academy with Visual Arts Scotland and at Aaron Faber Gallery in New York.

The Fotheringham Gallery in Bridge of Allan which Leigh co-owns always stocks a superb selection of her jewellery.  She is however most well know for her outstanding and unique rings which feature some particularly unusual gemstones and coloured pearls.  The rings are striking to look at yet are always incredibly comfortable to wear.  She has many fans who have been collecting her jewellery for decades!  

She exhibits a selection of her very popular jewellery with The Fotheringham Gallery at various Art Fairs in Scotland throughout the year.  If you would like to be kept up to date with the new jewellery Leigh is designing please add yourself to the mailing list here.

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