Linda Park

Linda Park Artist

February Mists Lifting, Sligachan, Isle of Skye

Winter Warmth, St Cyrus Beach

Last Light on the Cliffs, Normandy

Darkening Skies, Tyninghame Beach

Across a Dordogne Valley of Sunflowers

Linda Park

Linda Park gained a BSc (Hons) in Architecture in 1995, and has since concentrated on her passion for painting alongside other work and personal commitments.

Linda’s inspiration comes from dramatic scenes she see all around her.  She says:  ‘I like to paint bold landscape interpretations mainly from places I have visited in Scotland and France, looking at views from acute perspectives in order to create dramatic compositions.  I often revisit the places that inspire me at different times of day, in different lighting and weather conditions and in different seasons in order to capture the variations of light and textural qualities of a landscape and to bring new dimensions of scale and depth to my paintings.  I work in oils with a wide variety of brushes, knives and other implements and enjoy the freedom to create a rich and evocative world of colour, movement and texture.’

Linda Park has exhibited her paintings widely throughout the UK and her work now features in several collections.