Jennifer Mackenzie

Jennifer Mackenzie Artist

Wee Jug of Tulips

Tulips in a Yellow Jug

Tulips in a Blue Jug

Tiny Snowdrops

Sunflowers and Windfalls

Still Life with Roses

Roses in a Blue Vase (Sold)

Chrysanths in a Blue Pattern Jug

Jennifer Mackenzie

Jennifer Mackenzie is a Scottish artist who lives and works in Golspie, Sutherland but is originally from Coatbridge near Glasgow. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1971, spent a further year at Jordanhill College of Education and then taught Art and Design in schools in Lanarkshire, Inverness and Sutherland.

Since leaving teaching in 2001, Jennifer Mackenzie has been a full time professional artist.  She is a member of Visual Arts Sutherland and Highlands Open Studios.

She says: “My paintings are very much a personal response to my environment, in terms of colour, light and space, and in the Scottish painterly tradition, reflecting my time at GSA with tutors such as William Drummond Bone, Sandy Goudie, and David Donaldson. My paintings explore the distinctive characteristics of oil paint through my favoured subject matter of flowers and collected objects in my studio”.

“…this fine painter now lives in Sutherland, where she observes the changing effects of light on the colours of flowers and personal memorabilia. During the short winter days the colours are muted, but as the year moves on, the light strengthens and this is reflected in more intense colours”.
Jan Patience, Art Critic, The Glasgow Herald 5th June 2010