Bryan Evans

Bryan Evans Artist

Reflections at Dunoon Pier

A Hug on the Gangway - Wemyss Bay

St Monans - As Night Falls

Reds & Greens

Millport Lights

Millport Dusk

Kelvingrove Lights

Paisley Blues

Carla on the Castle Stairs

Reds & Blues

Sorcha with a Headscarf

Polina in Shadow


Becky's Back

Kirsten Reflected

Bryan Evans

Born in Pembrokeshire, West Wales in 1964, Bryan Evans has been based in Glasgow, Scotland, since 1988. He specialises in paintings & prints of Glasgow, Edinburgh and other Scottish towns & cities.

He is predominantly a watercolour painter and also produces etchings and mezzotints, as well as a range of reproduction prints. His watercolours and prints have achieved widespread recognition in Scotland, and he was once memorably hailed in the Glasgow Herald as the “New Scottish Impressionist”.