Under The Sky by Ingrid Nilsson


Oil on Board
Image: 28cm x 28cm
Frame: 47cm x 47cm

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Ingrid Nilsson

“I have always been drawn to create, paint and weave stories around it all.”

A childhood obsessing over illuminated projects led to art college in Norwich and London then work as a freelance illustrator and picture researcher/archivist in the magazine and book publishing industry (Condé Nast, Dorling Kindersley).

Ingrid Nilsson grew up in London, a Swedish father the origin of her Scandinavian name, and travels to Scotland in childhood paved the way for her move there in the mid nineties. For the last twenty years Ingrid Nilsson has been based in Edinburgh, exhibiting locally and in England.

Her work is often figurative, although she is increasingly interested in mark-making for it’s own sake, using print, rollers, drawing and painting with brushes, palette knife and cardboard. Most of the time however, the figure is very much the focus, either real or imagined.

Ingrid says: “I love the human face and the challenge that it presents to an artist. Not just to capture a likeness or mimic life but to suggest a character and a story behind the lines… I draw every day, an important discipline to further my work; to paint is to be constantly learning and reassessing what it happening on the surface. Painting in a permanently ‘open studio’ in Bon Papillon has been a challenge, but I have reached a point where it has become normal to switch on and off between drawing and making coffees. The plus side is the focus that comes from being always in my studio, surrounded by ideas and influences.

Over the last year I have been leaning more towards the use of ‘real’ people as the basis of my portraits, and a string of commissions has furthered this trend. Using a contemporary face and transporting them into another historical period is particularly interesting to me, as well as using the face as a vehicle for a more imaginary treatment.”

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