Plum by Margaretann Bennett


Margaretann Bennett

Margaretann Bennett says: “As an artist, I search beyond representation and so my intuition plays a fundamental part in my approach. There is deliberate tension between areas of abstraction and finer detail, with most works manifesting a distillation of collected experience into a visual unity and evocation of time and feeling.

The world I create through painting reflects my own life and the people I surround myself with. I draw inspiration from many sources and subcultures… Victorian cemeteries, mourning costume, taxidermy/cabinet of curiosities and post mortem photography from the Victorian era fascinates me.

There is an essence of myself in most of my work, combined with elements of alter ego and moods to match each on any given day. I enjoy working with twin images and themes of personal reflection and I am intrigued by how we portray and imagine our outer persona as women, versus how others actually see us and who we really are.

The relationship between my figures is ambiguous, and so they are often charged with a tense, dark energy… whereas some figures with tangled, abstracted innards on display suggest the body as a mysterious other, surreal and unknowable with a life of its own, and ultimately mortal.”


New Paintings, Smithy Gallery, Glasgow. November 2018
The Untold, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh 2016
New works, Smithy Gallery, Glasgow 2014
Fellowship Exhibition, The Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh 2012
New Work, Panter and Hall, London 2011
New Work, Smithy Gallery, Glasgow 2011
Feathers and Friends, Hanna’s Contemporary Gallery, Dundee 2006
Inverarity Vaults Travel Award Exhibition, RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow 2009


2011 – The Mabel MacKinlay Award. RGI
2010 – The Scottish Arts Club Award. RSW
2007 – Inverarity One to One Travel Award. RGI
2007 – The Arnold Clark Award. PAI
2006 – The Armour Award. RGI
2006 – The William Bowie Award. PAI
2005 – Landside College Watercolour Award. RGI
2005 – Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Award. PAI
2000 – The Glasgow Art Club Fellowship. RGI
1997 – Scottish Arts Council Individual Development Award.