Bluebells in a Beltie Jug by Fiona Millar

Image: 25cm x 20cm
Frame: 41cm x 36cm

Sorry, this painting has been sold.



Fiona Millar Artist

Fiona Millar is a self taught painter, living and working in the Scottish Borders. She worked as a picture framer since leaving school, specialising in hand finishes and began painting in 2000. She works mostly in acrylic, on canvas and board; occasionally creating texture with collage and gold leaf. ‚Äč

Fiona’s landscapes are influenced by the coastlines and rolling hills of Galloway, where she spent a lot of her childhood. Whilst her still life paintings often feature elements of her own home and family collections. Fiona paints from accumulated memories and ideas formed over the years.

A great deal of her inspiration comes from various artists including the Scottish Colourists and the Glasgow Boys & Girls; along with the art deco, art nouveau and arts and craft movements.