Arthur by Helen Fay

Image Size: 51cm x 57cm
Framed Size: 81cm x 86cm

Sorry, this etching has been sold.


Helen Fay

MA (RCA), Natural History Illustration. Royal College of Art, London, 1990-92
BA (Hons), Fine Art Printmaking, Sunderland University, 1987/90
Foundation Diploma, Newcastle College of Art, 1986/87
Part time course in the History of Natural History Art, British Museum of Natural History, London, 1990

Helen Fay says:

“My work combines my two main interests, drawing and animals. Both the activity of drawing and the subject I study are a source of never ending fascination and have been for as long as I can remember. I have focused on various aspects of animal life over the years, primates, birds, curious creatures such as echidnas and tree kangaroos. Currently I am engaged in an exploration of the canine world, partly because of the sheer beauty of so many dogs but also because of their presence and dignity.

Artistically, my impetus comes from creating a balance between a solid mass and the space in which it sits. Using drawing and the exploration of form to add depth to the composition. I find printmaking, especially etching to be the media I can best translate my drawing into a solid and dramatic image. I enjoy working with and into a material such as steel or copper, etching lines and tones then working directly to scrape areas back or scratch areas to make them darker. It is a surface that one draws in as well as on. I hope this three dimensionality in the making of my prints is visible in the finished print.”

Exhibitions include
The Affordable Art Fair, London
House for an Art Lover, Glasgow
“Sexy Fingers” print show Melbourne, Australia
Glasgow Print Studio
Will’s Art Warehouse, London
Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum
Ice House, Holland Park, London
Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, London

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