Paintings over £2000

Available paintings over £2000. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Dark Cabaret by Margaretann Bennett

Prom Night by Margaretann Bennett

Jump II by Iain Holman

Jump IV by Iain Holman

Magenta Flow by Scott Naismith

Hebridean Geometry by Scott Naismith

Light of Intuition by Scott Naismith

Barra Sunset Fragments by Scott Naismith

Archetype of Potential 2 by Scott Naismith

Kilchurn Spring by Francis Boag

Gilded Glade by Madeleine Gardiner

Biscayne Bay by Madeleine Gardiner

Late Arrival by Stephen Mangan

Arrangement in Brown and White by Walter Awlson

Cornflowers by Sally Gatie

Spring Awakening by Sally Gatie

The Tangaroa by Paul Kennedy

Stormy Night by Paul Kennedy

Harbour Colours by Paul Kennedy

All Sorts by Paul Kennedy

Yesterday by Jennifer Anderson

Hot Sun by Jennifer Anderson

Hunger by Jennifer Anderson

Moscow Dawn by Jennifer Anderson

Return by Jennifer Anderson

Deliverance by Jennifer Anderson

Peonies & Eucalytus by Emma S Davis RSW

Birds of a Feather & Lucky White Heather by James Fraser RSW

Summer Warmth II by Lynn McGregor RSW

Summer Hawthorns by Lynn McGregor RSW

Frosty Path by Lynn McGregor RSW

Around the Loch by Lynn McGregor RSW

February Sky by Lynn McGregor RSW

After the Storm by Helen Tabor

Horse by Helen Tabor

Diffusion by Linda Park

Tay Heron by Claire Harkess RSW

Black Headed Gull by Claire Harkess RSW

Scalpsie Bay, Isle of Bute by Claire Harkess RSW

Evening Light on Loch Lomond by Catriona MacEachen

Courage by Stephanie Pijper