Paintings £751 – £1000

Available paintings £751 – £1000. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Morning Mist at Dawn by Margaret Evans

By The Light of the Moon by Margaret Evans

Bluebell Walk 1 by Margaret Evans

Bluebell Walk 2 by Margaret Evans

The Big Strand, Islay by Douglas Roulston

Mellon Udrigle by Douglas Roulston

Distant Downpour by Deborah Phillips

Glow by Deborah Phillips

Sanna Bay Sun by Linda Park

Night Storm by Linda Park

Silence by Linda Park

A Distant Dumgoyne by Gordon Wilson

Trinity Dusk by Bryan Evans

Tickets Home - Wemyss Bay Station by Bryan Evans

Through the Arched Doorway - Kelvinbridge by Bryan Evans

Stairway Lumber by Bryan Evans

Reflections in Yellow by Bryan Evans

A Passer-by in Blue by Bryan Evans

Down in Ochre by Bryan Evans

Cobbles & Reflections - Down Ashton Lane by Bryan Evans

Pisces by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Tulips and Snowdrops by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Pink Tips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Still Life with Red Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Arboretum Pinus In Excelsis by Robert Pereira Hind

Prunus Serrulate In Excelsis I by Robert Pereira Hind

Rhododendron Ponticum In Excelsis by Robert Pereira Hind

Prunus Serrulate In Excelsis VI by Robert Pereira Hind

"Swing Your Partner!" by Tim Cockburn

Second Thoughts by Tim Cockburn

White Tulips by Fiona Millar

Sunlit Cobbles and Summer Pots, Culross by Nikki Monaghan

Bear-ing Down by Susan Hutchison

I Can See You!!! by Susan Hutchison

Gin from Harris by Hanna Kaciniel

Puffins Standing Proud by Paul Bartlett

Weather or Not by Heather Soutar

The Hobbyist by Heather Soutar

All Aboard by Heather Soutar

Portal by Heather Soutar

Glencoe Light by Jamel Akib

Statuesque by Jamel Akib

Barn Owl Gold 2 by Jamel Akib

Barn Owl Gold 3 by Jamel Akib

Allens Hummingbird ii by Jamel Akib

Allens Hummingbird on Pink by Jamel Akib

One Teasel by Jan Munro

Cheerfulness by Stephanie Pijper

Woeful Woody by Julie Brunn

Sleepy Woody by Julie Brunn

Roses in a White Vase by Kevin McFall

Francesca by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Daria and the Starlings by Jane Gardiner

Becky's Back in Blue by Bryan Evans

Jordan in Lace by Bryan Evans

Reflections in Red by Bryan Evans

Harvest Fields near Gargunnock by Allison Young

Green Fields, Stirling by Allison Young

Perfect Peace by Peter Nardini

Allison Resting by Peter Nardini

Lemons & Leaves by Brian Henderson

Speckled Egg and Falling Feather by Brian Henderson

Russet by Brian Henderson

Blue Bowl by Brian Henderson

Eight Plums, One Nectarine by Brian Henderson

Quails Eggs in Nest by Hilary Gauci

Sea Salsa by Aliisa Hyslop

Songs for the Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

Moments of Reflection - The Light Beyond by Michael Corsar

Moon and Estuary, Low Tide by Michael Corsar

Moments of Reflection - Days End by Michael Corsar

Under Molten Skies by Michael Corsar

Late Summer Diptych by Michael Corsar

Morning Glow by Emma S Davis RSW

Winter White by Emma S Davis RSW

Daisy by Julie Brunn

Pas de Bas by Tim Cockburn

Evening Reflections by Catriona MacEachen

Arisaig by Ann Armstrong

Glencoe, River Coe by Ann Armstrong

Farm Steading by Helen Tabor

Shifting Clouds Across the Cliffs by Rosanne Barr

Morning Moorings by Rosanne Barr

Ayrshire Farmland by Ian Elliot

Bulrush Blue by Claire Harkess RSW

Forgotten Dreams by June Carey RSW RGI

Night Sky, Kilmaluig, Tiree by Allison Young

Pink Glow by Jennifer Reid

Towards the Light by Rachel Painter