Paintings £501 – £750

Available paintings £501 – £750. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Summer Flowers in Yellow Jug by Fiona Sturrock

Mixed Bouquet in Marmalade Pot by Fiona Sturrock

Garden Roses by Fiona Sturrock

Daisies in Cornish Jug by Fiona Sturrock

Upon a Pavement of Sapphire by Rachel Painter

Set Your Feet Upon The Waves by Rachel Painter

Dancing in the Deep by Rachel Painter

Box of Pears by Brian Henderson

Church Hall Ceilidh by Tim Cockburn

Natural Light by Tim Cockburn

Blossom & Belleek II by Lindsay Turk

Helleborus by Lindsay Turk

Tiny Spotty Bowl by Jan Munro

Little Flowery Cup by Jan Munro

Big Red by Jan Munro

Over the Beck 3 by Jan Munro

Croft on Top by Jan Munro

Blue Roof by Jan Munro

Rowland's Dodo Version II by Tammy Mackay

Rhinoceros by Tammy Mackay

Barn Owl by Claire Harkess RSW

Breeze, Goldfinch by Claire Harkess RSW

Passing Moment by Claire Harkess RSW

Goldfinch, Falling Blossom by Claire Harkess RSW

Robin on Coconut Shell by Claire Harkess RSW

Mute Swan i by Claire Harkess RSW

Mute Swan ii by Claire Harkess RSW

Kingfisher's Favourite Branch by Claire Harkess RSW

Tiger Trace by Claire Harkess RSW

Pheasant Splendour by Paul Bartlett

Greenfinches in the Blossom by Paul Bartlett

Red Kite by Paul Bartlett

Dusk over the Tree-line, Fife by Jennifer Reid

Summer Sailing, Newburgh by Jennifer Reid

Glimpse of the Tay through Cow Parsley by Jennifer Reid

Pool Boys by Peter Nardini

Santa Monica Pier with Figure by Peter Nardini

Autumn Lake by Heidi Laughton

Scottish Loch by Heidi Laughton

The Estuary by Heidi Laughton

Ringing Tunnocks by Nicola McBride

Homage to Van Gogh and Gin by Nicola McBride

Blackbird and Mistletoe by Stanley Bird

Mix n Match by Stanley Bird

Baulking by Vega

Abandoned Bothy by Vega

A Safe Crossing by Vega

Camusdarach by Douglas Roulston

The Spirit of Eilean Donan by Douglas Roulston

The Fairy Pools by Douglas Roulston

Scarista, Isle of Harris by Douglas Roulston

The Corpach's View to Ben Nevis by Douglas Roulston

The Winter Farmhouse by Jackie Henderson

Monlight by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Tulips and Lily-of-the-Valley by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Birds and Bees by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Stirling, Winter Green by Nikki Monaghan

Harbour Boats, Pittenweem by Nikki Monaghan

Circus Lane and the Clock Tower, Edinburgh by Nikki Monaghan

Cobbled Street, Ramsay Gardens by Nikki Monaghan

The Cobbled Streets of Falkland by Nikki Monaghan

Royal Mile and Over The Forth by Nikki Monaghan

Boys at the Gelateria by Ian Elliot

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

Luskentyre Waves by Catriona MacEachen

Waves Roll In On Luskentyre Beach by Catriona MacEachen

Autumn Tide Luskentyre by Catriona MacEachen

Breaking Waves Luskentyre Beach by Catriona MacEachen

Tea Time by Hanna Kaciniel

Toasting You by Hanna Kaciniel

Sweetheart by Hanna Kaciniel

Liquid Gold by Hanna Kaciniel

Dusk on the Angel Building by Bryan Evans

Lighting Up by Bryan Evans

Reflections on the Clyde by Bryan Evans

Bits n Bikes by Bryan Evans

Bramble by Sally Muir

Scruff by Sally Muir

Lexi by Sally Muir

Woodland Ways by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Hummingbird V by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 2 by Jamel Akib

Hovering Rufous by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 5 by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 4 by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 3 by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 1 by Jamel Akib

Sunset Over The Bridge by Lesley Anne Derks

Magi by Stephanie Pijper

Radiance by Stephanie Pijper

Nobility by Stephanie Pijper

Mother by Stephanie Pijper

Anemones II by Mike Service

Roses in a Glass Bottle by Mike Service

Marigolds in Milk Bottle by Mike Service

Anemones I by Mike Service

Wheres My Cuddle by Julie Brunn

Tangled by Julie Brunn

Gaze by Julie Brunn

Did You Say Bella by Julie Brunn

Nosey Donkey by Julie Brunn

Stan by Julie Brunn

Haggling, Albufeira by Ian Elliot

Pear Apple Lace by Gwyn Jones

The Broken Horn by Gwyn Jones

Still Life with No 4 by Gwyn Jones

Shoe Lasts and Pears by Gwyn Jones

Still Life with No 1 by Gwyn Jones

Afternoon Delights by James Fraser RSW

Coffee by Tim Cockburn

Ivory Tulip Study by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Tulip Bud by Sarah Margaret Gibson

Midnight Cowboy by Aliisa Hyslop

The Ballad of You and Me by Aliisa Hyslop

Once Upon A Time In The West by Aliisa Hyslop

I Like School by Deborah Cruden

Sunset, Balephuil by Allison Young

Two White Houses, Balephetrish, Tiree by Allison Young

Angel Over Rannoch by Grace Cameron

Orange Glow at Bellanoch, Crinan by Grace Cameron

Cropping by Joyce Gunn Cairns

24/7 Fuel by Jonathan Hood