Paintings £501 – £750

Available paintings £501 – £750. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Pansies by Fiona Sturrock

Daisies by Fiona Sturrock

Hydrangeas and Figs by Fiona Sturrock

Foliage Arrangement by Fiona Sturrock

Mixed Ranunculus by Fiona Sturrock

Mixed Bouquet by Fiona Sturrock

Dahlias by Fiona Sturrock

Peonies by Fiona Sturrock

I Like School by Deborah Cruden

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

Primula by Andrew Thompson

Pears II by Andrew Thompson

Plums by Andrew Thompson

Aubergine by Andrew Thompson

Pears by Andrew Thompson

Two Easy Peelers by Andrew Thompson

Autumn Hills by Fiona Millar

The Chrysanthemum Jug by Fiona Millar

Tulips in a Moroccan Vase by Fiona Millar

Winter Snow by Fiona Millar

Summer Thistles by Fiona Millar

Spring Shore with Gorse by Fiona Millar

Galloway Bluebells by Fiona Millar

Still Life with No 1 by Gwyn Jones

The Broken Horn by Gwyn Jones

Still Life with No 4 by Gwyn Jones

Shoe Lasts and Pears by Gwyn Jones

Pear Apple Lace by Gwyn Jones

Lexi by Sally Muir

Black Labrador by Sally Muir

Black Hound by Sally Muir

Bramble by Sally Muir

Daisies and Japanese Cup by Sonia Barton

First Light by Sonia Barton

Hovering Rufous by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 5 by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 4 by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 3 by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 2 by Jamel Akib

Electric Hummingbird 1 by Jamel Akib

Hummingbird V by Jamel Akib

Toasting You by Hanna Kaciniel

Under the Sky by Ingrid Nilsson

Flash by Ingrid Nilsson


Tiger ii by Claire Harkess RSW

Tiger i by Claire Harkess RSW

Parliament of Owls- Long eared ii by Claire Harkess RSW

Parliament of Owls- Snowy by Claire Harkess RSW

Parliament of Owls- Barn iv by Claire Harkess RSW

Leopard by Claire Harkess RSW

Local Squirrel by Claire Harkess RSW

Bullfinch Song by Claire Harkess RSW

Magi by Stephanie Pijper

Radiance by Stephanie Pijper

Nobility by Stephanie Pijper

Mother by Stephanie Pijper

Glasgow Blue by Peter Nardini

Villa, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Figure, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Red Roses by Peter Nardini

Roses in Whisky Glass by Mike Service

Roses in a Glass Bottle by Mike Service

Marigolds in Milk Bottle by Mike Service

Anemones I by Mike Service

Anemones II by Mike Service

Anemones III by Mike Service

Clematis in Glass Jar by Mike Service (Reserved)

Pinks on Pink by Mairi Stewart

Lockdown Family by Tim Cockburn

Poultry Tent Cupar by Tim Cockburn

The Red Dress by Tim Cockburn

Lunch at the Lord John Russell by Tim Cockburn

Old Friends by Tim Cockburn

Rich Hart by Stanley Bird

Spring is Coming by Stanley Bird

Wrock Star Wren by Stanley Bird

The Beginning of Spring by Stanley Bird

Stella by Stanley Bird

Penguin by Julie Brunn

Stan by Julie Brunn

Wheres My Cuddle by Julie Brunn

Bella and Willow by Julie Brunn

Nosey Donkey by Julie Brunn

Hopeful Willow by Julie Brunn

A Moment of Brightness by Claire Beattie

Late Late Afternoon Shadows by Claire Beattie

Quietly Over There by Claire Beattie

Whispers on the Horizon by Tricia Barna

Boys at the Gelateria by Ian Elliot

Haggling, Albufeira by Ian Elliot

Two Sisters Dark Clouds by Ann Armstrong

Loch Morar Mists and Blues by Ann Armstrong

Autumn Colours on Horselethill Road by Bryan Evans

Bits n Bikes by Bryan Evans

Lighting Up by Bryan Evans

Bunting at Dusk, Dunoon by Bryan Evans

Dusk on the Angel Building by Bryan Evans

St Enoch's Shopping by Bryan Evans

At the Coast at Sunset by Rosanne Barr

Woodland Ways by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Orange Glow at Bellanoch, Crinan by Grace Cameron

Angel Over Rannoch by Grace Cameron

Snow Flurry in Crail by Nikki Monaghan

Kilchoan by Michael Corsar

Clyde Greens 1 by Martin Oates

Clyde Greens 2 by Martin Oates

The Water of Leith by Lesley Anne Derks

A Little Bird Told Me by Jenny Holm

Indifference by Vega

Retreat by Vega

Abandoned Bothy by Vega

A Safe Crossing by Vega

Approaching Squall by Vega

Gateway to the Pool by Vega

Baulking by Vega

Compatibility by Vega

Shore Grazing by Vega

Overwhelming Force by Vega