New Paintings

New paintings recently arrived in the gallery.

Torricello, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Georgia's Summer Hat by Peter Nardini

Flight by Peter Nardini

Figure, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Best Friends, Venice Beach by Peter Nardini

Glasgow Blue by Peter Nardini

Villa, Lake Trasimeno by Peter Nardini

Summer Field, Umbria by Peter Nardini

Stranded @ Troon by Gordon Wilson

Breton Boy & The Strong North Easterly by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Breton Boy & Belty by Gordon Wilson

The Keeper of Secrets by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

St Enoch's Shopping by Bryan Evans

Tiles & Reflections by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Late Sunlight in Partick by Bryan Evans

Dusk on the Angel Building by Bryan Evans

Solitude in Sleep by Bryan Evans

Lighting Up by Bryan Evans

Becky's Back in Blue by Bryan Evans

Autumn Colours on Horselethill Road by Bryan Evans

Bits n Bikes by Bryan Evans

Orange Glow at Bellanoch, Crinan by Grace Cameron

Heart of Auchmithie by Grace Cameron

Angel over Rannoch by Grace Cameron

Tidelines by Linda Park (Sold)

Shoreline at Nightfall by Linda Park

Light and Shade at Camas Daraich, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

High Water, Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye by Linda Park (Sold)

Orange Table by Jane Walker

Flowers and Stripes by Jane Walker

Lily and Orange by Jane Walker

Orange Jug and Tulips by Jane Walker

Wee Vase of Sweetpeas by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Wee Jugs of Pansies by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Arrangement in Red and White by Jennifer Mackenzie

Gather ye Rosebuds While ye May by Jennifer Mackenzie

Summer Sweetpeas by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Roses in a Glasgow Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie

Silver Lady Study by Iain Holman (Sold)

Summer Swim II by Iain Holman (Sold)

Descend II by Iain Holman

Jump IV by Iain Holman

Jump II by Iain Holman

Coastal Romance by Philip Raskin

Magenta Flow by Scott Naismith

Hebridean Geometry by Scott Naismith

Golden Glow Study by Scott Naismith

Flow State Study by Scott Naismith

Late Late Afternoon Shadows by Claire Beattie

Quietly Over There by Claire Beattie

In The Warmth by Claire Beattie

A Moment of Brightness by Claire Beattie

North Atlantic Swell by Rosanne Barr

In Love with Arisaig by Rosanne Barr

A Stunning Sunset by Rosanne Barr

At the Coast at Sunset by Rosanne Barr

Across Fields I by Amanda Phillips

Across Fields II by Amanda Phillips

Red Sky at Night I by Amanda Phillips

Red Sky at Night II by Amanda Phillips

Morning Sky I by Amanda Phillips

Morning Sky II by Amanda Phillips

Coastal Wandering I by Amanda Phillips

Coastal Wandering II by Amanda Phillips

Summer Rain Over Carse of Stirling by Amanda Phillips

Lucid Spring by Amanda Phillips

Dawn Dissolve by Amanda Phillips

Hazy Shades of Spring by Tricia Barna

A Calmness in the Air by Tricia Barna

Whispers on the Horizon by Tricia Barna

Offerings of Flowers, Ardubh by Nicole Stevenson

Offerings of Ribbons and Charms, Ardubh by Nicole Stevenson

Offerings of Shells, Ardubh by Nicole Stevenson

Pale Light in Rothesay by Nicole Stevenson

Marina Reflections, Rothesay by Nicole Stevenson

Faded Promenade, Rothesay by Nicole Stevenson

Three Blue Pots by Stuart Walters

Pink Polkadot Teacup by Stuart Walters

Pears in Blue Bowl by Stuart Walters

Flowers in Black Jug by Stuart Walters

Two Pink Teacups by Stuart Walters

Sunflowers with Blackbird by Stuart Walters

Sunflowers, Plums and Figs by Stuart Walters

Wild Collection by Mairi Stewart

Three Vases by Mairi Stewart

Freshly Picked by Mairi Stewart

Pinks on Pink by Mairi Stewart

Red Blind and Eryngium by Mairi Stewart

Thistles, Isle of Skye by Emma S Davis RSW

Better Together by Emma S Davis RSW

The Golden Hour by Emma S Davis RSW

Peonies and Eucalyptus by Emma S Davis RSW

East Neuk Poppies and Gold by Emma S Davis RSW

Celebration by Emma S Davis RSW

Sunnyside by Emma S Davis RSW

Potted Plants in Culross by Nikki Monaghan

Peonies by Fiona Sturrock

Pansies by Fiona Sturrock

Mixed Ranunculus by Fiona Sturrock

Mixed Bouquet by Fiona Sturrock

Hydrangeas and Figs by Fiona Sturrock

Foliage Arrangement by Fiona Sturrock

Daisies by Fiona Sturrock

Dahlias by Fiona Sturrock

Daisies and Japanese Cup by Sonia Barton

First Light by Sonia Barton

Chasing the Sun by Sonia Barton

On The Road to Cromarty by Pamela Tait

Roots & Rust by Pamela Tait

Friends Together at Culbokie Woods by Pamela Tait

The Goo-Ass Parade, Glen Affric by Pamela Tait (Sold)

Justice by Pamela Tait

Inside by Pamela Tait

Silver Tongue Arrives at Inverewe Gardens by Pamela Tait

Swallow by Paul Bartlett

Chaffinch Wood by Paul Bartlett

Early Arrival by Paul Bartlett

Kittiwake Cliff by Paul Bartlett

Cardinal Tryptich by Paul Bartlett

The Gathering by Paul Bartlett

Puffins on the Cliff by Paul Bartlett (Sold)

Incoming by Paul Bartlett (Sold)

Summer Fox by Paul Bartlett

Shelducks by Paul Bartlett

You Cannot Be Serious!?

Bee-ing A Clown by Susan Hutchison

By The Light of the Silvery Moon by Susan Hutchison

Did Someone Say Dinner?

Temperance by Stephanie Pijper

Magi by Stephanie Pijper

Radiance by Stephanie Pijper

Nobility by Stephanie Pijper

Cheerfulness by Stephanie Pijper

Courage by Stephanie Pijper

Candour by Stephanie Pijper

Mother by Stephanie Pijper

Cornflowers by Lynsey Ewan

Columbine by Lynsey Ewan

Pink Lilies by Lynsey Ewan

Geranium by Lynsey Ewan

Woodland Floor by Lynsey Ewan

Purple Detail by Lynsey Ewan

Otter by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Cat with Spider by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Toasting You by Hanna Kaciniel

Come Fry With Me by Hanna Kaciniel

Lemon & Leaves by Brian Henderson

Eight Plums, One Nectarine by Brian Henderson

Aubergine by Andrew Thompson

Pears II by Andrew Thompson

Primula by Andrew Thompson

Plums by Andrew Thompson

Roses in Whisky Glass by Mike Service

Roses in a Glass Bottle by Mike Service

Anemones I by Mike Service

Anemones II by Mike Service

Clematis in Glass Jar by Mike Service

Marigolds in Milk Bottle by Mike Service

Anemones III by Mike Service

Summer Warmth by Lynn McGregor RSW

The Tangaroa by Paul Kennedy

Stormy Night by Paul Kennedy

Harbour Colours by Paul Kennedy

All Sorts by Paul Kennedy

Lexi by Sally Muir

Bramble 2 by Sally Muir

Marsh Landscape by Sally Muir

Weather by Sally Muir

Pitfichie Castle, Late Summer by Francis Boag

Old Ury House by Francis Boag

Landscape Burgundy by Francis Boag

Kilchurn Spring by Francis Boag

Winter Light, Glencoe by Ann Armstrong

Two Sisters, Dark Clouds by Ann Armstrong

Morar Sands Approaching Rain by Ann Armstrong

Loch Morar Mists and Blues by Ann Armstrong

Buachaille Etive Mor by Ann Armstrong

Glencoe Autumn Hues by Ann Armstrong

The Flowers by Jane Gardiner

Looking Forward by Jane Gardiner

Daria and the Starlings by Jane Gardiner