New Paintings

New paintings recently arrived in the gallery.

Pure Gallus by Gordon Wilson

Maid in Glasgow by Gordon Wilson

A Distant Dumgoyne by Gordon Wilson

Wild Poppies, Mugdock Woods by Gordon Wilson

Sun, Sand, Freedom by Alastair Laing

Smoke House, Lunan Bay by Alastair Laing

Salmon Nets, Lunan Bay by Alastair Laing

Angus Harvest by Alastair Laing

Tunnocks Reflections by Nicola McBride (Sold)

The Adventurous Spirit by Nicola McBride

Ringing Tunnocks by Nicola McBride

Homage to Van Gogh and Gin by Nicola McBride

Granny's Secret Stash by Nicola McBride

A Tunnock's Party by Nicola McBride (Sold)

A Penny Chew Party by Nicola McBride

A Quarter of Granny Sookers by Nicola McBride (Sold)

A Midweek French Martini by Nicola McBride

A Scottish High Tea by Nicola McBride

A Pile of Tunnocks by Nicola McBride

If Van Gogh Liked Gin by Nicola McBride

The Missing Link by Susan Hutchison

The Bear and the Butterfly by Susan Hutchison (Sold)

I Can See You!!! by Susan Hutchison

Bear-ing Down by Susan Hutchison

Soar by Susan Hutchison

Robin and Friend by Lesley McLaren (Sold)

Little Wren by Lesley McLaren

Woodpecker on a Birch Stump by Lesley McLaren

Mix n Match by Stanley Bird

In Pensive Mood by Stanley Bird

Here's Looking at You Kid by Stanley Bird

Summer Visitor by Stanley Bird

Tranquility by Stanley Bird

Contemplation of a Cardinal by Stanley Bird

Blackbird and Mistletoe by Stanley Bird

Avian Acrobatics by Stanley Bird

Cropping by Joyce Gunn Cairns

None of Your Business by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Me Looking at You by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Me Looking at You by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Oyster Shells II by Lindsay Turk

Matchbooks by Lindsay Turk

Helleborus by Lindsay Turk

Blossom and Belleek II by Lindsay Turk

Ghost Bottle by Jane Walker

Still Life with Red Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Pink Tips by Jennifer Mackenzie

Wintry Fields, Dunrobin by Jennifer Mackenzie

Red Kite by Paul Bartlett

Winter Waxwings by Paul Bartlett

Puffins Standing Proud by Paul Bartlett

Puffin with Sandeels by Paul Bartlett

Pheasant Splendour by Paul Bartlett

Oystercatcher Pair by Paul Bartlett

Greenfinches in the Blossom by Paul Bartlett

Goldfinch by Paul Bartlett

Autumn Blackbird by Paul Bartlett

At The Tideline by Paul Bartlett

Little Fish Crovie by Nicole Stevenson

Rust & Orange Paint by Nicole Stevenson

The Estuary by Heidi Laughton

Scottish Loch by Heidi Laughton

Distant Reflection by Heidi Laughton

Autumn Lake by Heidi Laughton

Autumn Ambience by Heidi Laughton

Shifting Clouds Across the Cliffs by Rosanne Barr

Morning Moorings by Rosanne Barr

Early Risers by Rosanne Barr (Sold)

Pisces by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Pink and Yellow Flowers by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Umbrella Pines by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Two Pears by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Tulips and Snowdrops by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Tulips and Lily of the Valley by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Moonlight by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Edge of the Forest by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Golden Moon by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Birds and Bees by Doreen Davis (Frew)

Milsey Bay by Madeleine Gardiner

Western Shore by Madeleine Gardiner

Clock Tower Stirling by Lesley Anne Derks

Gin from Harris by Hanna Kaciniel

Soldiers Egg by Hanna Kaciniel

Liquid Gold by Hanna Kaciniel

Prunus Detail III by Robert Pereira Hind

Prunus Detail VI by Robert Pereira Hind

Arboretum Pinus In Excelsis by Robert Pereira Hind

Prunus Serrulata In Excelsis I by Robert Pereira Hind

Prunus Serrulata In Excelsis III by Robert Pereira Hind

Prunus Serrulata In Excelsis VI by Robert Pereira Hind

Time Out by Jon Collins

Logging On by Jon Collins

Don't Turn Around by Jon Collins

High Road by Jon Collins

Speed Bonnie Boat by Jon Collins

Lost After Shopping Spree by Jon Collins (Sold)

Reflect III by Iain Holman

Lounge by Iain Holman

A Birds Whisper by Jackie Henderson

Underneath the Stars You'll Find Me by Jackie Henderson

Rosie and Her Hot Water Bottle by Jackie Henderson (Sold)

Instinctive Hope by Scott Naismith

Hebridean Instinct by Scott Naismith

Path of Light by Scott Naismith

Metalandscape by Scott Naismith

Harris Instinct by Scott Naismith

Magical Loch Linnhe by Grace Cameron

Colourful Glen Etive by Grace Cameron

Rainbow Evening at Buachaille by Grace Cameron

Peace at Seil by Grace Cameron

Midwinter by Sarah Ross-Thompson

The Big Dipper by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Taking the Plunge by Sarah Ross-Thompson


Strutting Their Stuff by Sarah Ross-Thompson (Sold)

Still Night by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Standing Here, Looking There by Sarah Ross-Thompson


Slalom by Sarah Ross-Thompson (Sold)

Spread Your Wings by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Red Orb by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Playing with Fire by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd by Sarah Ross-Thompson

The Foragers by Sarah Ross-Thompson

The Companions by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Windward by Sarah Ross-Thompson


Over Here by Sarah Ross-Thompson (Sold)

Old and Rusty by Sarah Ross-Thompson


Moody Blues by Sarah Ross-Thompson (Sold)


Winter Wonder by Sarah Ross-Thompson (Sold)

Meander by Sarah Ross-Thompson


A Confederacy of Curlews by Sarah Ross-Thompson (Sold)

Awakening by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Ebb by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Going Somewhere by Sarah Ross-Thompson