New Paintings

New paintings recently arrived in the gallery.

Galloway Bluebells by Fiona Millar

Winter Hills by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Winter Woods by Fiona Millar

Winter House by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Autumn by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Whisky Drinker by Tim Cockburn (Sold)


Conversation by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Wedding Guests by Tim Cockburn

Gossip by Tim Cockburn


Soft Clouds, Gott Bay, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)


White Houses, Balephuil by Allison Young (Sold)

Scarinish from Gott Bay, Tiree by Allison Young


Big Sky Balephetrish by Allison Young (Sold)

Croft at Heanish, Tiree by Allison Young


House at Vaul, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Turbulent Times by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Lilac Time I by Philip Raskin

Let There Be Light III by Philip Raskin

A Wee Bit Arran by Philip Raskin

A Suspicion of Mull by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Shoreline Struggle by Philip Raskin

Tiny Snowdrops by Jennifer Mackenzie

Tulips in a Blue Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Still Life with Roses by Jennifer Mackenzie

Sunflowers and Windfalls by Jennifer Mackenzie

Tulips in a Yellow Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie

Roses in a Blue Vase by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Chrysanths in Blue Pattern Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie

Wee Jug of Red Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Gilded Glade by Madeleine Gardiner

Mendocino Surf by Madeleine Gardiner

Spring Frost by Madeleine Gardiner

Biscayne Bay by Madeleine Gardiner

Scraffito Hedgerow by Deborah Phillips

Kilchattan Cottages, Bute by Deborah Phillips

Autumn Light, Jemimaville by Deborah Phillips

Golden Law Moonrise by Deborah Phillips

Autumn Undergrowth, Drumcarrow by Deborah Phillips

Midsummer Moon Glow by Deborah Phillips

Farm Steading by Helen Tabor

Running with the Dog by Helen Tabor

Circus Horse by Helen Tabor

Cow and Calf by Helen Tabor

A Bowl of Cherries by Hanna Kaciniel

Strawberries by Hanna Kaciniel

Cherries in White by Hanna Kaciniel

A Bowl of Plums by Hanna Kaciniel