New Paintings

We have moved...

Our new gallery space is now open at 49 Henderson Street. Bridge of Allan.

We are now located across the road, between Nutshell and the Royal Hotel.


Garden Bounty by Hilary Gauci

Continental Silver with Peaches by Hilary Gauci

Strawberries and Cream by Hilary Gauci

Oriental Bowl with Silver Jug and Oranges by Hilary Gauci

Happy Pair I by Hilary Gauci

Happy Pair II by Hilary Gauci

Little and Large by Hilary Gauci

Japanese Vase with Blackberries in Silver by Hilary Gauci

Custodian by Lindsay Turk

Bottles from Dijon with Dried Hydrangea by Lindsay Turk

Thread and Turin Cinnamon by Lindsay Turk

Verdant by Lindsay Turk

Full of Beans by Hanna Kaciniel

Empire Building by Hanna Kaciniel

All Sorted by Hanna Kaciniel

A Bowl of Cherries by Hanna Kaciniel

Flowair Wear by Hanna Kaciniel

On The Deer Side by Hanna Kaciniel

Red Vase and Pears by Ruth Corbett

Ginger Jar and Bees by Ruth Corbett

Yellow Wild Poppies by Ruth Corbett

Sunflower Passion by Ruth Corbett

White Peonies by Ruth Corbett

Apricots and Blossom by Ruth Corbett

A Berry Medley by Fiona Longley

Pewter Jug with Blackberries by Fiona Longley

Crisp Garden Apples by Fiona Longley

A Trio of Scottish Turnips by Fiona Longley

Scattering of Quails Eggs by Fiona Longley

Pocket Yellow Pear by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Strawberry by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Mauve Fig by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Pomegranate by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Blue Damson by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Peach by Dani Humberstone

Cosy Wosy by Susan Hutchison

Two's for Joy...Silly Boy by Susan Hutchison

Boulevard Haussmann, Paris by Tony Griffin

Towards Cap Ferrat by Tony Griffin

Large Pot, Cagnes-Sur-Mer by Tony Griffin

La Brasserie de Lisle Saint Louis by Tony Griffin

Archway, St Paul de Vence by Tony Griffin

Trees, Juan les Pins by Tony Griffin

A Hint of Summer by Philip Raskin

Amazing Grace II by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Amazing Grace I by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Shoreline Serenade by Philip Raskin

Nuages D'Ecosse by Philip Raskin

Umber Coast by Philip Raskin (Sold)

Whippet on Pink by Sally Muir

Print 2 by Sally Muir

Lurcher II by Sally Muir (Sold)

Jazz by Sally Muir

Galgos by Sally Muir (Sold)

Scribble Dog by Sally Muir (Sold)

Print 1 by Sally Muir

Showery Interlude by Vega

Seashore Bothy by Vega

Intervention by Vega

Successful Catch by Vega

Rebirth by Jonathan Hood

Jalapenos by Jonathan Hood

A Song for the New Normal by Jonathan Hood

Interlude by Jonathan Hood

Sunday Afternoon by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Standing Still by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Parallel Lines by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Galloway Sunset by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Galloway Sunrise by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Fisher Glen by Sarah Ross-Thompson

When Will We Three by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Social Etiquette by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Smooth Landing by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Found Anything? by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Well Worn Ways by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Still Everywhere by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Stand Tall by Sarah Ross-Thompson

One Fine Morning by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Lighting Up by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Arching by Sarah Ross-Thompson

Wild Flowers, Madeira by Allison Young

Early Evening Light, Gott Bay by Allison Young

Sea Pinks Near Brock, Tiree by Allison Young (Sold)

Meander by Michael Corsar

And Dream of Sheep by Michael Corsar

Comes the Night by Michael Corsar

Glencoe Gloom by Ann Armstrong

Glenfinnan Summer Haze by Ann Armstrong

Glen Etive Autumn Sun by Ann Armstrong

St Andrews North Sands by Ann Armstrong

Loch Achtriochtan, Glencoe Reflections by Ann Armstrong