Narrative Paintings

Available narrative paintings. Please click on the thumbnails for more images and full information.

Watching with Mother by Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW

Twin Temptation by Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW

The Girl Who Had A Plan by Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW

Pet by Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW

Gracehopper by Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW

Driscoll's Reveal by Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW

A Question of Balance by Jenny Holm

Put On Your Brave Face by Jenny Holm

Fish Girl by Helen Tabor

Looking Homewards by Jenny Holm

Nocturne by Jenny Holm

Late Arrival by Stephen Mangan

Weather or Not by Heather Soutar

The Hobbyist by Heather Soutar

Portal by Heather Soutar

All Aboard by Heather Soutar

New Dawn by Louise Higgins

Heart Meridien by Louise Higgins

Midas Tree by Louise Higgins

Hope Floats by Louise Higgins

Happy Face (The Optimist) by Jonathan Hood

Sleepwalker by Jonathan Hood

Moonbathers by Jonathan Hood

The Meeting by Jonathan Hood

Tick Tock Grub by Jonathan Hood

Sea Salsa by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Roses by Aliisa Hyslop

Sea Dancers by Aliisa Hyslop

Cats at Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

Captain Cat by Aliisa Hyslop

Through The Woods by Aliisa Hyslop

The Musical Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

The Ballad of You and Me by Aliisa Hyslop

Guns and Roses by Aliisa Hyslop

Midnight Cowboy by Aliisa Hyslop

Songs for the Sea by Aliisa Hyslop

On The Road to Cromarty by Pamela Tait

Friends Together at Culbokie Woods by Pamela Tait

Inside by Pamela Tait

Justice by Pamela Tait

Silver Tongue Arrives at Inverewe Gardens by Pamela Tait

Roots & Rust by Pamela Tait