Still Life Exhibition

Strawberries and Cream by Hilary Gauci

Oriental Bowl with Silver Jug and Oranges by Hilary Gauci

Little and Large by Hilary Gauci

Japanese Vase with Blackberries in Silver by Hilary Gauci by Hilary Gauci

Happy Pair I by Hilary Gauci

Happy Pair II by Hilary Gauci

Garden Bounty by Hilary Gauci

Continental Silver with Peaches by Hilary Gauci

Copper Pot and Garden Bramleys by Hilary Gauci

Cherries in Silver Quaich by Hilary Gauci

Pewter, Pears and Wine by Hilary Gauci

Cranberries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

Plums, Cherries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

Silver, Lemons and Blackberries by Hilary Gauci

Ginger Jar and Bees by Ruth Corbett

Apricots and Blossoms by Ruth Corbett

Yellow Wild Poppies by Ruth Corbett

White Peonies by Ruth Corbett

Sunflower Passion by Ruth Corbett

Red Vase and Pears by Ruth Corbett

On The Deer Side by Hanna Kaciniel

Full of Beans by Hanna Kaciniel

Flowair Wear by Hanna Kaciniel

Empire Building by Hanna Kaciniel

All Sorted by Hanna Kaciniel

A Bowl of Cherries by Hanna Kaciniel

Tea Time by Hanna Kaciniel

Toasting You by Hanna Kaciniel

Verdant (Demi-john and Apples) by Lindsay Turk

Bottles from Dijon with Dried Hydrangea by Lindsay Turk

Celadon Quail Eggs by Lindsay Turk

Pear by Lindsay Turk (Sold)

Custodian by Lindsay Turk

Thread & Turin Cinnamon by Lindsay Turk

Crisp Garden Apples by Fiona Longley

A Trio of Scottish Turnips by Fiona Longley

Scattering of Quails Eggs by Fiona Longley

Pewter Jug with Blackberries by Fiona Longley

Little Pot of Strawberries by Fiona Longley

Lemon by Fiona Longley

A Berry Medley by Fiona Longley

Summer Strawberries by Fiona Longley

Vase, Feather with Pomegranates by Fiona Longley

Pocket Yellow Pear by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Wild Apple by Dani Humberstone (Sold)

Pocket Strawberry by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Pomegranate by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Peach by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Mauve Fig by Dani Humberstone

Pocket Lemon by Dani Humberstone (Sold)

Pocket Green Apple by Dani Humberstone (Sold)

Pocket Conference Pear by Dani Humberstone (Sold)

Pocket Clementine by Dani Humberstone (Sold)

Pocket Cherry by Dani Humberstone (Sold)

Pocket Blue Damson by Dani Humberstone