Throughout 2019 we will be running a series of solo and feature exhibitions, together with our large stock of paintings by gallery artists which we maintain at all times.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive advance notification of new paintings and digital catalogues, please contact us here.

9th February 2019 Focus on Helen Fay

2nd March 2019 Still Life Exhibition

23rd March 2019 Focus on Jonathan Hood

6th April 2019 Georgina McMaster Solo Exhibition

20th April 2019 Focus on Ian Elliot

20th April 2019 Landscapes by Sandra Moffat, Amanda Phillips and Lindsay Turk

11th May 2019 Claire Harkess Solo Exhibition

1st June 2019 Focus on Allison Young

15th June 2019 Focus on Bryan Evans

13th July 2019 Scottish Landscape Show

10th August 2019 Focus On John Bell

Jennifer Mackenzie, Fiona Millar and Deborah Phillips

5th October 2019 Figurative Exhibition

2nd November 2019 Focus on Tim Cockburn

30th November 2019 Winter Collection