The Rescued Lamb by Vega


Oil on Canvas
Image: 50cm x 30cm
Frame: 63cm x 43cm

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Vega graduated from Leeds University with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art. After graduating, she spent time travelling and painting in Africa, Europe and Indonesia before settling on the Isle of Lewis where she is now based.

She says: “The Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides is a starkly beautiful island. The sea and the wind are a major part of life born by the quiet strength and forthrightness of the islanders. Here I learnt to sail, how to build and maintain a boat and finally how to live aboard for months at a time. As a result, when I do a marine painting, I actually know how it feels to claw your way upwind against a foul tide in a force six.

During these times aboard ( for my paints and pad are always with me ) I began signing my pictures ‘Vega’ out of respect for the boat that carried me safely for hundreds of miles on my journeys.

In each painting I try to make an image that can evoke an experience, idea or emotion from your own life and memory. Once they are finished they are no longer about me, but how they allow your feeling and imagination free play. You are the arbiters. The images will speak differently to each of you……and I will have failed as an artist if they require a written explanation in order to be enjoyed.

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