Paintings newly arrived in the gallery.

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Rich Tuscan Landscape by Ian Elliot

Summer Table by Ian Elliot

Late Spring Mallorca by Ian Elliot

Low Mist in the Glen by Ian Elliot

Front Window by Ian Elliot

Winter Heath, Perthshire by Ian Elliot

Autumn Loch I by Madeleine Gardiner

Autumn Loch II by Madeleine Gardiner

Summer Piste by Madeleine Gardiner

Galloway Thistles by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Tulips and Primula by Fiona Millar (Sold)

The Seahorse Jug by Fiona Millar

In The Woods Fiona Millar

Chinese Lanterns by Fiona Millar

Sedum by Fiona Millar

Buddleia by Fiona Millar

Early Morning, Gott Bay by Allison Young

Rocks, Sanna Bay by Allison Young

Cobalt Sky, Sanna Bay by Allison Young

Little Crofts, Gott Bay by Allison Young

Estuary, Sanna Bay by Allison Young

Purple Clouds, Balephetrish by Allison Young

Old Boats, Salen, Mull by Allison Young

Wreck of the Mary Stewart by Allison Young

Blue Hair by Tim Cockburn

The Blue Dress by Tim Cockburn

And Another Thing! by Tim Cockburn

Gossip and Romance by Tim Cockburn

The Gay Gordon by Tim Cockburn

Under and Through by Tim Cockburn

The Last Drop by Tim Cockburn (Sold)

Friendship by Tim Cockburn

Pause in the Storm, Loch Ailort by Linda Park

Choppy Seas at Ardnamurchan by Linda Park (Sold)

Sand and Sea at Camusdarach, Arisaig by Linda Park

Cerulean Blue Through The Arch, St Emilion by Linda Park

Jar of Roses by Emma S Davis RSW

When Two Become One by Emma S Davis RSW (Sold)

Morning Light and Roses by Emma S Davis RSW (Sold)

Love Birds by Emma S Davis RSW (Sold)

Arlington Spring Swim by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Afternoon Light on the Boardwalk by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Floods at Kinning Park by Bryan Evans

Dusk Falling on Platform 6 - Crewe Station by Bryan Evans

Panels in Yellow by Bryan Evans

Down the Stairs by Bryan Evans

Tree Reflections - Kelvingrove Gate by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Wally Reflections by Bryan Evans

Sloan's Spiral by Bryan Evans

Malvina by Bryan Evans

Ann Sewing by Bryan Evans

Launch Day on the Clyde by Martin Oates (Sold)

Vernazza Cinque Terre by Martin Oates

Riomaggiore I by Martin Oates

Sundown Wester Ross by Martin Oates

Kildonan Arran by Martin Oates (Sold)

Clear Sky Arran by Martin Oates

Argyll Night Croft by Martin Oates

Nocturne Argyll by Martin Oates

Mooncroft Arran by Martin Oates (Sold)

Gnarled and Entwined by Kitty Watt

Woodland Walk by Kitty Watt

Woodland Light by Kitty Watt

Woodland Flowers by Kitty Watt

Quiet Track by Kitty Watt (Sold)

Winter Sunset by Kitty Watt

Grassland and Flight by Kitty Watt

Lochan Assynt by Kitty Watt

Forsinard by Kitty Watt

Gloamin by Kitty Watt (Sold)

Peaks by Kitty Watt (Sold)

Spate by Kitty Watt (Sold)

Secret Garden by Susan Hutchison

Benvie by Susan Hutchison

Mr Fox by Susan Hutchison

Forgotten Bottle - Old Rossie Mill by Susan Hutchison

Abernyte by Susan Hutchison

Wee Pug by Susan Hutchison

Midwinter Meg by Ingrid Nilsson

Wren on Poole by Ingrid Nilsson


The Joy of Rex by Stanley Bird (Sold)


Flora by Stanley Bird (Sold)