Paintings newly arrived in the gallery.

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Sunflowers by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Roses in a Glasgow Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Bluebells by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Nasturtiums by Jennifer Mackenzie

Autumn Flowers by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Poppies Provence by Jennifer Mackenzie

Consider Flight I by Mark Nicholas Edward

Consider Flight II by Mark Nicholas Edward

Consider Flight III by Mark Nicholas Edward

Consider Flight IV by Mark Nicholas Edward

Consider Flight V by Mark Nicholas Edward

Consider Flight VI by Mark Nicholas Edward

Eye of the Storm by Linda Park

Storm Clouds over Wet Sand, Camusdarach Beach by Linda Park

Changing of the Tides by Linda Park

Skies of Drama, Penne D'Agenais by Linda Park

Morning Reflections on Loch Gairloch by Linda Park

Spray from the Rocks at Elgol by Linda Park

A Colourful Sunset at Elgol, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Textures in the Sand, Sanna Bay by Linda Park

Subtle Shades of Blue, Normandy Coastline by Linda Park

Through the Rocks to Rua Reidh Lighthouse by Linda Park

Sunlight over Arran by Linda Park

Golden Sands of Morar Beach by Linda Park

Peace After Storm, North Berwick Beach by Linda Park

Sea Spray, Camus Daraich Beach by Linda Park

Lighthouse at Saint-Valery-en-Caux by Linda Park

Swirling Sea Shadows by Linda Park (Sold)

Ailsa Craig & The But 'n' Ben by Gordon Wilson

Heaven on Earth, Skye by Gordon Wilson

Impasto But 'n' Ben Arran 2 by Gordon Wilson

Moonbathed Orchard by Gordon Wilson (Reserved)

Wild Poppy Patch, Fintry by Gordon Wilson

But 'n' Bens and the Shepherd's Delight by Gordon Wilson

Wee Bertha & The Bird by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

The Aborted Shopping Trip by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Looking Across Loch Rannoch by Gordon Wilson

Serenity by Susan Hutchison (Sold)

Elvis by Susan Hutchison (Sold)

Golden Fleece by Susan Hutchison

Aries by Susan Hutchison

Red Afro by Susan Hutchison

Together by Emma S Davis RSW

Side by Side by Emma S Davis RSW

Just The Two Of Us by Emma S Davis RSW

Silver Heart and Sunflowers by Emma S Davis RSW (Sold)

Roses by Emma S Davis RSW

Bouquets, Birds & Bags by James Fraser RSW

Blanc by James Fraser RSW

As Good As Red by James Fraser RSW

Still Got It by James Fraser RSW (Sold)

Four Candles - Love Handles by James Fraser RSW

Still Life with Mackintosh Rose by James Fraser RSW

Mug & Magpie by James Fraser RSW

Merlot, Blooms & Private Rooms by James Fraser RSW

The Patriots Breakfast by James Fraser RSW (Sold)

Blooms, Hocks & Taking Off Stocks by James Fraser RSW

Headspace by Ingrid Nilsson

Absorbed, absorbing by Ingrid Nilsson

Ex Machina by Ingrid Nilsson

Harbour Boats by Amanda Phillips

Winter Field by Amanda Phillips

After the Rain by Amanda Phillips

Lifting Storm Clouds by Amanda Phillips

Red Sky at Night by Amanda Phillips

Low Moon by Amanda Phillips

Bright Beyond by Amanda Phillips

Pure Gold by Amanda Phillips

Bracklinn Falls by Amanda Phillips

Allan Water by Amanda Phillips

Thin Blue Line by Amanda Phillips

Harvest Sketch by Amanda Phillips

Cirrus Over Stirling by Amanda Phillips

Moon Dissolve by Amanda Phillips

On Reflection by Amanda Phillips