Welcome to 2018

On now: New paintings from a selection of our favourite gallery artists.

(New paintings still arriving so please come back to see the full collection.)


Autumn Red Roofs by Amanda Phillips

Coastal Squall by Amanda Phillips

Good Harvest by Amanda Phillips

Dawn Deconstructed by Amanda Phillips

Winter Rocks by Amanda Phillips

Terns Frenzy by Amanda Phillips

Storm Terns by Amanda Phillips

Twilight Reflections by Deborah Phillips

Black Mountain Dusk by Deborah Phillips

Raspberry Sky by Deborah Phillips

Snowy Dalquhandy Farm by Deborah Phillips

Solstice Sunrise by Deborah Phillips

The Retreat, Skye by Gordon Wilson

Ailsa and the Wee Butt 'n' Ben by Gordon Wilson

Clear Sky, Westhill by Gordon Wilson

Grey Hill, Gargunnock by Gordon Wilson

Summer Solstice, Skye by Gordon Wilson

Arran Equinox by Scott Naismith

Loch Fyne Fragments I by Scott Naismith

Underlying Potential by Scott Naismith

Path of Light by Rosanne Barr

Storms Afoot! by Rosanne Barr

Sunshine in Autumn by Rosanne Barr

Rock Pools and Sunshine by Rosanne Barr

A Gentle Surf by Rosanne Barr

Camas Daraich Shores, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Steely Skies Over The Isle of Arran by Linda Park

Light on the Minch, Wester Ross by Linda Park

Last of the Sun, Monflanquin by Linda Park

Waiting for the Flock by Vega

Walking Out by Vega

Old Trails by Vega

Awaiting Lunch by Vega



Christmas Exhibition

Starts 25th November 2017


Waiters, Florians Cafe, Venice by Peter Nardini

Red Carnations on White Cloth by Peter Nardini

Red Carnations by Peter Nardini

Pastoral Scene by Peter Nardini

Time Out by Iain Holman

Rest by Iain Holman

Have Your Say by Iain Holman

Before the Run by Iain Holman

The Black Cat by Joyce Gunn Cairns (Sold)

Gardener's Companion by Joyce Gunn Cairns (Sold)

The Icon by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Ready to Take Flight by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Track to a Dollar Farm by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Three Galloways by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Moonstruck Settlement, Skye by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Moon Basking Bees by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Winter Wash, Arran by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Bumble Bee Line by Gordon Wilson

Honeys by Gordon Wilson

Working 9 to 5 by Georgina McMaster

Afternoon Tea II by Georgina McMaster

Pearl Moon by Deborah Phillips

Midnight Withered Poppies by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Puddly Field, Drumeldrie by Deborah Phillips

Burning Sunset by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Breaking Day by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Lismore Light by Ian Rawnsley (Sold)

Machrihanish Winters by Ian Rawnsley (Sold)

The Oak Chair by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

White Lace by Stephanie Rew

The Silver Crane II by Stephanie Rew

Stubborn Freckles by Susan Hutchison

What Are You Looking At? by Susan Hutchison

Napoleon by Susan Hutchison (Sold)

Pugshot by Susan Hutchison

Milton by Susan Hutchison (Reserved)

Invitation to Dance by Tim Cockburn

The Gay Gordon by Tim Cockburn

Dancing Feet by Tim Cockburn

The Dashing White Sergeant by Tim Cockburn

Winter Harbour Pink by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Winter Forest Blue by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Scottish Field - Larch by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Scottish Field - Hedgerow by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Lochside Trees by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

Stirling Castle by Amanda Phillips (Sold)

A Sense of Peace and Calm by Duncan MacLeod RSW (Sold)

Dreams by the Sea by Duncan MacLeod RSW

Soft Greys and Celtic Blues by Duncan MacLeod RSW

Celtic Echoes, Sutherland by Duncan MacLeod RSW (Sold)

Island Dreaming - Tangle of Cloud and Stone by Duncan MacLeod RSW

Storm Clouds Gathering by Duncan MacLeod RSW

Spring on a Winter's Day by Jennifer Mackenzie

Summer Jug by Jennifer Mackenzie

Wee Jug of White Flowers by Jennifer Mackenzie

Sunflowers by Jennifer Mackenzie

Storm Clouds over Rua Reidh Lighthouse, Wester Ross by Linda Park (Sold)

Camusdarach Sunset, Arisaig by Linda Park (Sold)

Atmospheric Energies, Wester Ross by Linda Park

Arches Through the Arches, Etretat by Linda Park (Sold)

Sanctus by Stanley Bird (Sold)

Richelieu Rouge by Stanley Bird

Il Gardellino by Stanley Bird

Absolutely Fabulous! by Stanley Bird (Sold)

Dixon by Helen Fay

After the Walk by Helen Fay (Sold)

Thursday by Helen Fay

Late Thursday by Helen Fay

Girl with Blackbird by Gwen Adair

Pomegranates and Pears by Gwen Adair

Brass Jug and Figs by Gwen Adair

Robin by Gwen Adair

Purple Sky, Bridge of Allan by Allison Young

Summer Sky, Flanders Moss, Stirling by Allison Young

King's Knot from Stirling Castle by Allison Young

Evening Sky from Sheriffmuir by Allison Young

The Red Bannister on Sloan's Stairs by Bryan Evans

Summer Sunshine in a Panelled Close by Bryan Evans

The Flooded Path by Bryan Evans

Office Light by Bryan Evans

The Evening Lights of Kelvingrove by Bryan Evans

Argyll/Utah by Madeleine Gardiner

Alpine Morning by Madeleine Gardiner

Blue Sierra by Madeleine Gardiner


 We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists in the gallery at all times.  To see recently arrived paintings, please click here or see the full list of gallery artists here.