Current Exhibitions:

July and August 2018: "Summertime 2018"

Also Still Showing: "Fur and Feathers"


We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists.  Please click here to see new arrivals and here to view all available paintings for sale.

 Now On: Summertime 2018

New paintings by many of our favourite gallery artists.

Cobalts and the But 'n' Bens by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Curling Smoke, Carbeth by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Looking Across Loch Rannoch by Gordon Wilson

But 'n' Bens and the Shepherd's Delight by Gordon Wilson

Ailsa Craig and the But 'n' Ben by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Pussy and Cat's Adventure by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Old Bird on the Brink by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Roses by Emma S Davis RSW RGI

Together by Emma S Davis RSW RGI

Just The Two Of Us by Emma S Davis RSW RGI

Side by Side by Emma S Davis RSW RGI

Silver Heart and Sunflowers by Emma S Davis RSW RGI

Three Sheep by Fiona Millar

Red Hills by Fiona Millar

Bluebell Cottage by Fiona Millar

Blossom in a Boat Jug by Fiona Millar

Fallen Irises by Fiona Sturrock

Vase of Gerberas by Fiona Sturrock

Vase of Tulips by Fiona Sturrock

Roses in White Jug by Fiona Sturrock

The Bridges I by Lesley Anne Derks (Sold)

The Bridges II by Lesley Anne Derks

The Lights of the Tron by Lesley Anne Derks

Glasgow Cross by Night by Lesley Anne Derks (Sold)

Edinburgh Nights II by Lesley Anne Derks

City View, London by Lesley Anne Derks

Fire Sands Study by Poppy Cyster

Halcyon Bay by Poppy Cyster

Wait for Me There by Poppy Cyster

Sky Tide by Poppy Cyster

Moonlight Pier by Poppy Cyster

Loch Tide 3 by Poppy Cyster

North Coast Shores by Rosanne Barr

Island Sands by Rosanne Barr

Homes on the Harbour by Rosanne Barr

Waiting by the Shore by Rosanne Barr

Sudden Sunset by Rosanne Barr

Skies Alight by Rosanne Barr

Emergency Supplies by Bryan Evans

Dusk in Millport Harbour by Bryan Evans (Sold)

Reflections on Millport Shore by Bryan Evans

Silhouettes in the Snow by Bryan Evans

On The Stairs - Waiting by Bryan Evans

Bike on the Bannister by Bryan Evans

The Art Lover by Nichola Martin

The Whisky Connoisseur by Nichola Martin

Versification by Nichola Martin

Bouquets, Birds & Bags by James Fraser RSW

The Patriots Breakfast by James Fraser RSW

Tea, Bun, Walk in the Sun by James Fraser RSW (Sold)

Still Got It by James Fraser RSW

Sharing Reds & Sharing Beds by James Fraser RSW

Finches, Tits, Bobs & Bits by James Fraser RSW (Sold)

Winter Heath by Ian Elliot

Rich Tuscan Landscape by Ian Elliot

Late Spring Mallorca by Ian Elliot

Bonne Lomond Banks by Ian Elliot (Reserved)

Low Mist in the Glen by Ian Elliot

Summer Table by Ian Elliot

Front Window by Ian Elliot

Winter Gusts over the Isle of Eigg by Linda Park

Rum from the Rocks at Elgol by Linda Park

Nighfall over the Alabaster Coastline by Linda Park

Escaping the Rain, Trotternish, Isle of Skye by Linda Park

Blue Mists over Isleornsay Lighthouse by Linda Park

A Glimpse of the Cuillin Range by Linda Park

Searching by Ben Davies-Jenkins

Another Time by Ben Davies-Jenkins

Beyond by Ben Davies-Jenkins

Beyond a Dream by Ben Davies-Jenkins

A Place in the Light 2 by Ben Davies-Jenkins

A Place in the Light by Ben Davies-Jenkins

Thinking of You by Jane Gardiner

The Three Bears by Jane Gardiner

5 Little Birds by Jane Gardiner

Summer Sky Carse of Lecropt by Allison Young (Sold)

Dumyat from the Carse, Bridge of Allan by Allison Young

Autumn Loch I by Madeleine Gardiner

Autumn Loch II by Madeleine Gardiner

Summer Piste by Madeleine Gardiner

Machrihanish White Water by Ian Rawnsley

Atlantic Stormy Nights by Ian Rawnsley

Still Showing: Fur and Feathers

Honour by Georgina McMaster (Sold)

Stand at Ease III by Georgina McMaster

Harry by Georgina McMaster (Sold)

Raphael by Georgina McMaster (Sold)

Christopher by Georgina McMaster (Sold)

Up to High Doh by Georgina McMaster

Brambling by Winifred Fergus

Little Monarch by Winifred Fergus

Two for Joy by Winifred Fergus

Little Sparrow I by Winifred Fergus

Little Sparrow II by Winifred Fergus

Venetian Pigeons by Winifred Fergus

Horse of the Woods by Winifred Fergus

Shelter by Ian Kinnear

In Winter's Cold Blast by Ian Kinnear

Winter Window by Ian Kinnear

the Air is Crisp and the Leaves are Sere by Ian Kinnear

Water's Edge by Ian Kinnear

Summer Blooms by Karen Rae (Sold)

The Langur's Tail, India by Claire Harkess RSW

Guillemot's Ledge by Claire Harkess RSW


Snow Leopard ii by Claire Harkess RSW (Sold)

Perfect Take Off by Stanley Bird

Bee? Prepared! by Stanley Bird

Spring by Stanley Bird

Summer by Stanley Bird

Autumn by Stanley Bird

Winter by Stanley Bird


Meditations i by Mark Nicholas Edward (Sold)


Meditations ii by Mark Nicholas Edward (Sold)


Meditations iii by Mark Nicholas Edward (Sold)


Meditations iv by Mark Nicholas Edward (Sold)


Scotty III by Helen Fay (Sold)

Scotty I by Helen Fay (Sold)

Walking by Helen Fay

Gentoo by Helen Fay

Brucie by Sally Muir

Violet Lurcher by Sally Muir

Terrier II by Sally Muir

Terrier by Sally Muir


 We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists in the gallery at all times.  To see recently arrived paintings, please click here or see the full list of gallery artists here.