Current Exhibitions:

Now On: Fractal Landscape...A Solo Exhibition by Scott Naismith

We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists.  Please click here to see new arrivals and here to view all available paintings for sale.

Fractal Reflections

Relative Altitude

Harris Fractals

Hebridean Resonance 2

Fluid Resonance 3

Sound of Colour

Solitary Cottage

Scattered Colour 2

Fleeting Glow

Fragments of Orange

Fractal Sky I (Sold)

Arran Rocks

Fractal Sky Study 1

Fractal Sky Study 2

Fractal Sky Study 3

Still Showing: Faces and Figures...The Art of the Figure Painter

The Moment Fades by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Eventide by Stephanie Rew


Study for Butterfly Blue by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Phthalo Moon by Stephanie Rew

Jessica in Black by Stephanie Rew

Top Knot by Stephanie Rew

Platinum by Stephanie Rew

Red Rhapsody by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Yellow Kimono Study by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

Luna by Stephanie Rew

La Tulle Noire Study by Stephanie Rew

Mirielle Dancing by Stephanie Rew (Sold)

A Stitch to Wear by Jennifer Anderson

Deliverance by Jennifer Anderson

Sweet Songs by Jennifer Anderson

Looking Glass by Jennifer Anderson

Yesterday by Jennifer Anderson

Aside by Jennifer Anderson (Sold)

April by Margaretann Bennett

Daydream by Margaretann Bennett (Sold)

White Orchid by Cherylene Dyer

Minerva Sings by Cherylene Dyer

Olympia by Cherylene Dyer (Sold)

Performance by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

At The Red Window by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Lochside by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

St Malo by Ian McWhinnie

Portrait with Seed Heads by Ian McWhinnie

Sea Wall by Ian McWhinnie (Sold)

Unknown Histories II by Serena Curmi

Morning Haze by Serena Curmi

Queen by Serena Curmi

Around Me by Serena Curmi

Present by Serena Curmi (Sold)

Silent Stare II by Iain Holman (Sold)

After the Run by Iain Holman

Say Nothing by Iain Holman

Listening to Side A by Iain Holman (Sold)

Acquiesce by Iain Holman

The Wallflower II by Iain Holman

The Wallflower (Study) by Iain Holman

Grace by Iain Holman


 We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists in the gallery at all times.  To see recently arrived paintings, please click here or see the full list of gallery artists here.