Fiona Millar and Gordon Wilson

Starts 17th March

Red Tulips by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Buddleia by Fiona Millar

Thistles by Fiona Millar

Tulips and Primula by Fiona Millar

The Seahorse Jug by Fiona Millar

Sedum by Fiona Millar

Chinese Lanterns by Fiona Millar

Autumn by Fiona Millar

Hawthorn Cottage by Fiona Millar

Heading Home by Fiona Millar (Reserved)

In The Woods by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Autumn Shore by Fiona Millar

Garden by the Sea by Fiona Millar (Sold)

Birdy, Belty, Biddy and Boaty by Gordon Wilson

All Hands on Deck by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Foraging Galloway Cattle by Gordon Wilson

Single Lum Alight, Comrie by Gordon Wilson

Midnight Moon, Gargunnock by Gordon Wilson (Sold)

Stirling Fields by Gordon Wilson

Heavy Crescentric Smoke by Gordon Wilson

Wild Flowers, Bridge of Allan by Gordon Wilson

Summer Solstice, Skye by Gordon Wilson

Clear Sky, Westhill by Gordon Wilson

Ailsa and the Wee Butt 'n' Ben by Gordon Wilson

Wee Galloway Grazers by Gordon Wilson

Big Resting Bee by Gordon Wilson

Bumbles on Blue by Gordon Wilson

A Pair of Queens by Gordon Wilson



Bryan Evans

Lights and Reflections

Starts 17th February 

Afternoon Light on the Boardwalk - Wemyss Bay Station

Dusk Falling on Platform 6 - Crewe Station

Catching The Last Rays -Kelvingrove Park (Sold)

Arlington Spring Swim

Wally Reflections

Tree Reflections - Kelvingrove Gate

Sloan's Spiral

Picture Looking -Study in Sepia (Sold)

Panels in Yellow

On The Gallery Stairs -After Escher (Sold)


Floods at Kinning Park

Ann Sewing

Ann Reflected in the Rain (Sold)

Down The Stairs


 We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists in the gallery at all times.  To see recently arrived paintings, please click here or see the full list of gallery artists here.