Current Exhibitions:

May 2018: Mixed Exhibition of New Paintings by Gallery Artists

Tim Cockburn: "Ceilidhs and Kilts"

Still Showing: Allison Young.  "Tiree Beaches" 


We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists.  Please click here to see new arrivals and here to view all available paintings for sale.

May 2018: Mixed Exhibition of New Paintings by Gallery Artists

Companions by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Girl with Fox by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Mary as Victim of Burke and Hare by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Queenie by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Not Listening by Joyce Gunn Cairns (Sold)

Robin by Joyce Gunn Cairns (Sold)

Dove by Joyce Gunn Cairns

Morning Pier by Amanda Phillips

This Way and That by Amanda Phillips

Hedgerow by Amanda Phillips

Morning Dissolve by Amanda Phillips

Autumn Sun's Out by Amanda Phillips

Almost Autumn by Amanda Phillips

The Langur's Tail, India by Claire Harkess RSW

Guillemot's Ledge by Claire Harkess RSW

The Old Mustard Pot and Quails Eggs by Hilary Gauci

Silver with Apricots in Blue and White by Hilary Gauci

Old Books - Research and Pleasure by Hilary Gauci

Cherries and Silver by Hilary Gauci

Silver Jug with Pears and Plum by Hilary Gauci

Wee Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Crocuses by Jennifer Mackenzie (Sold)

Red Tulips by Jennifer Mackenzie

A Breath of Spring by Jennifer Mackenzie

Addicted to the Screen by Iain Holman


Silent Stare by Iain Holman (Sold)

Addicted to the Screen III by Iain Holman

Addicted to the Screen II by Iain Holman (Sold)

Aurora Flock by Deborah Phillips

Autumn at Dalquhandy Farm by Deborah Phillips

Dunnichen Hill Dusk by Deborah Phillips

Rosebay Willow Herb at Clashnabuiack by Deborah Phillips (Sold)

Track to the High Pasture by Vega

Broken Boundary by Vega

Bayside Pasture by Vega

Independence by Vega

Birdman by Nikki Monaghan (Sold)

Path to the Pink House by Nikki Monaghan

The Winter Estate by Nikki Monaghan

Evening Snowfall by Nikki Monaghan


Now On: Tim Cockburn

Ceilidhs and Kilts


Lines of Three (Sold)

Gossip and Romance

And Another Thing!

Beer and Wine (Sold)

The Last Drop

Eightsome Reel (Sold)

Swing Your Partner! (Sold)

Under and Through 2

The Gay Gordons II

Blue Hair

Under and Through

Two Step

The Blue Dress

Pas de Bas (Sold)

One Too Many (Sold)

Gay Gordon

Quick Step


Invitation to Dance

Wedding Guests

Freestyle II

The Dashing White Sergeant

Dancing Feet

Gay Gordon III


Allison Young.  "Tiree Beaches"


Indigo Sky, Caolas, Tiree (Sold)

Early Morning, Gott Bay, Tiree

Big Sky, Tiree (Sold)

Rocks, Sanna Bay

Cobalt Sky, Sanna Bay

Sweeping Clouds, Gott Bay, Tiree (Sold)

Low Tide, Salum, Tiree (Sold)

Near Soa, Gott Bay, Tiree (Sold)

Dark Sky, Balephetrish, Tiree (Sold)

Horizon, Beach Grasses, Gott Bay, Tiree (Sold)

Old Boats, Near Salen, Mull

Wreck of the Mary Stewart, Scarinish, Tiree

Rocks at Caolas, Tiree (Sold)

Little Crofts, Gott Bay, Tiree

Shoreline Grass, Caolas (Sold)

Pale Blue Sky, Caolas (Sold)

Soft Blue Shore, Gott Bay, Tiree (Sold)

Cottages, Balephetrish, Tiree

Five White Houses, Crossapol, Tiree (Sold)

Estuary, Sanna Bay

Mountains on Mull from Gott Bay (Sold)

Clouds, Balevullin, Tiree (Sold)

White Boat, Caolas, Tiree (Sold)

Purple Clouds, Balephetrish, Tiree

Wallace Monument and Dumyat from Stirling Castle (Sold)

Ochil Hills from Whins of Milton (Sold)


 We also maintain a large stock of paintings by our regular artists in the gallery at all times.  To see recently arrived paintings, please click here or see the full list of gallery artists here.