Current Exhibitions

Now On: Gordon Wilson Solo Exhibition

Belty Horizon (Sold)

The Harbour Mistress's Cat

Tip Toe Through The Poppies (Sold)

Beached Stirling Birds

East Coast Drying Day

Poppy Arrangement

Large Snowdrops and Kaleidoscopic Blind

Floral Cacophony, Fintry

But 'n' Ben, Bridge of Allan (Sold)

Flower Line, Gargunnock

Light Drying Day

Lum Alight, Campsie Hill

All Lums Alight, Arran

Ailsa Fixation and Flowers

Unbreakable Bee Bond

Ally and Bally


Bea Stung

Campsie Steading

Floral Field, Arran

Wee Fintry Flowers

Sun Down, Moon Up, Fintry

Blustery But 'n' Ben, Balfron (Sold)

The Tall Grass, Gargunnock (Sold)

Poor Cow

Floral Boundary, Arran

Three Sails off Ailsa


Poppy Field Meander (Sold)