Sarah Anderson

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Sarah Anderson Artist

Sarah Anderson grew up in Galloway (South-West Scotland) surrounded by peaceful woodland, rugged moorland and beautiful coastline. From an early age her mother, an art teacher at the local school,  nurtured her interest in painting. She graduated from Edinburgh University with an M.A.(Hons) in Fine Art in 1999. A very successful degree show inspired her to commit herself to painting. Sarah primarily paints in a studio in her house.

She says: "My inspiration is derived from the magnificent Scottish landscape, particularly the west coast. The recurring themes in my work reflect the dramatic effects of weather on the mountains and shorelines, trees and of course my favourite place, Edinburgh.

The changing light and atmospheric effects have provided endless ideas and I seek to capture something of that. My palette is strongly coloured with a wide tonal range, principally in oils. The physical act of painting is important to me with paint surface a prominent element as I strive for simplicity of form and overall unity. The paintings I have recently completed attempt to envelop the viewer in the prevailing atmosphere.

“I love to spend countless hours outdoors walking and sketching the changing light, colour and atmosphere of the landscape. The experience for me is intense and often after a long walk, I am impatient to get back to my studio fearful that the feelings and images will fade before I can turn them into paintings.”

Selected Exhibitions:

Edinburgh Gallery, Edinburgh

Mackay Gallery, Peebles, Glasgow

Strathearn Gallery, Crieff

Inchmore Gallery, Inverness

Fotheringham gallery, Bridge of Allan

Greens and Blues Gallery, North Berwick

Galleria Luti, Callender

The Castle Gallery, Isle of Bute

Tignabruaich Gallery, Argyll

Tracey McNee Fine Art, Glasgow